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Intelcan SKYNAV ILS/DME Commissioned in Poland

17 September 2013

Intelcan is proud to announce that the SKYNAV ILS/DME passed its Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at Lublin Airport in Poland. This is Intelcan’s first of three SKYNAV ILS/DME installations in Poland. The SAT was followed by a successful flight-check performed by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. This equipment exceeds the highest standards for precise radio guidance in the aircraft’s final approach and landing. Intelcan implements the maximum safety and interoperability standards as required by Eurocontrol and ICAO standard. This marks a major milestone for Intelcan products in the European Union market. 

“Intelcan management and engineers are committed to evolving innovations that provide the aviation industry with quality products combined with excellent long-term service,” said Intelcan President and CEO, Georges Ata.



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