JANS concludes contract for development and installation of SBAS and GBAS with NEC Corporation

17 October 2016

JANS has concluded a contract for the installation of SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) and Japan’s first GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System). Operations will commence for both systems from around 2020.

The SBAS will provide its service using the QZSS “Michibiki” geostationary satellite, the successor to MTSAT (Multi-functional Transport Satellite) that will be decommissioned in 2020.

JANS will install MSAS Signal Generation and operation equipment (MSG-16 type) and provide MSAS (MICHIBIKI Satellite-based Augmentation Service).

The first GBAS equipment (GBAS-16 type) will be installed at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda). There are many aircraft that equip GBAS receivers in flight at Haneda, and the airport will be enhanced by introducing advanced approach procedures in the future. One set of GBAS systems enables the introduction of precision approach procedures to all runways in an airport. It also enables a flexible approach path to be defined resulting in reduced noise and improvement in airport efficiency.

Director General Banno of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) said:
“GNSS is an important element for advancing future air navigation, and the ANSPs of each country are going forward to implement SBAS and GBAS. Since the number of aircraft equipped with SBAS and GBAS receivers is increasing, implementing SBAS and GBAS will be expected to contribute to the development of air traffic through the promotion of GNSS usage in Fukuoka FIR.

SBAS is included in the road map of the Japanese Government’s Basic Plan on Space Policy and is a key element of Japan’s space policy, JCAB will pursue the project steadily.

General Manager Iimori of Radio Application, Guidance and Electro Optics Division, NEC Corporation said: “NEC’s objective is to ensure the security and safety of society through our technology. For our objective, NEC is proposing ‘Airport Solutions’ globally. It is our great honor to be awarded the contract for MSG-16 and GBAS-16 and be given the opportunity to contribute to realize much safer, much more efficient flight through our technology and twenty-year experience on GPS, SBAS and GBAS.”

After this, JANS plans to introduce GBAS to other domestic airports and to investigate much higher performance of SBAS to contribute to the evolution of air traffic in Fukuoka FIR.

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