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JANS installs automated lighting system to prevent runway incursion

17 November 2015

JANS, the air navigation service provider, a department of the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, has installed runway entrance lights (RELs) at Naha Airport to prevent runway incursions.

REL is a lighting system which automatically warns aircraft intending to cross a runway when there is an aircraft movement on the subject runway. JANS plans to construct a new runway at Naha Airport and will install takeoff hold lights (THLs), which automatically warns aircraft intending to depart when there is an aircraft simultaneously crossing the subject runway.

In the past, there have been several runway incursions, which occurred one after another at various airports that have converging points in ground movements. JANS installed lights as a measure to prevent runway incursions. The installation has been operational at Tokyo International Airport since 2012. Currently, JANS has RELs installed at New Chitose Airport, Tokyo International Airport, Osaka International Airport, and Fukuoka Airport.

Hitoshi Ishizaki, Director General of JANS said, “RELs are an automatic system which is independent of air traffic control services. RELs can prevent runway incursions without imposing a burden on air traffic controllers and we expect RELs will play an important role in preventing runway incursions.”

Pilots said, “Lights such as RELs are very useful as we are able to acquire the situation visually on the runway. Installation of lights such as RELs, is excellent for both pilots and airports where aircraft often cross a runway. ”

Since the activation of RELs, there has been no runway incursions at those airports. The introduction of RELs can contribute in preventing runway incursions.

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