JANS launched brand-new trajectory generator ‘ICAP’

16 March 2016

JANS (Japan Air Navigation Service) has launched a brand-new ATC computer system which generates and manages Flight Trajectory with precise time information of the flight. The system is named ICAP (Integrated Control Advice Processing system).

JANS plans to update all its ATC computer systems for en-route, Terminal, Tower, Oceanic, and air traffic flow management (ATFM) by 2021. The updated systems are able to process Flight Trajectory. With Flight Trajectory, efficient gate-to-gate flights will be realized in the future.

“The ICAP is the important system that manages whole Fukuoka-FIR’s Flight Trajectory. We will change over to the new Terminal/Tower system in 2017, and the new En-route radar system in 2018. As for the air traffic controller, efficient ATC will be enabled in reference to Flight Trajectory in the new systems. I am hoping that safer and more efficient air traffic management will be implemented with ICAP”, said Hitoshi ISHIZAKI, the Director General of JANS.

The ICAP system was manufactured by NTT DATA. NTT DATA also signed a procurement contract with JANS for a new En-route radar system and a new ATFM system.

“We recognize that ICAP is an important system for the first step toward the realization of safe and efficient trajectory-based operation introduced to air traffic service in Japan. While the realization of trajectory-based operation is a very challenging national project, we are highly honored to play a part in it. As one of the leading global IT companies, NTT DATA would like to pursue ‘Made in Japan Quality’ being superior to Quality, Cost and Delivery, and strive for the enhancement of air traffic service”, Shunichi TAKEUCHI, Senior Vice President, Head of Public Sector 1, NTT DATA Corporation said.

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