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Japan Air Navigation Service signs WAM manufacturing contract with Mitsubishi Electric

10 December 2015

JANS, the Air Navigation Service, department of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, is planning to deploy Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) step by step as a new type of surveillance system for en-route and airport across the country. Currently JANS installed the WAM equipment in Narita Airport and has started the operation since March 2015. In addition for en-route, JANS has started to deploy WAM equipment.

WAM is a new type of surveillance system whose precision and refresh rate are higher than SSR, and enables to meet the required coverage area flexibly. It is expected to improve the safety and reduce the installation cost.

In this contract JANS contracted with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for manufacturing WAM of Type WAM-15 for Okayama airport terminal. In the Okayama airport case JANS decides to select WAM by studying the comparison of the installation and running cost with SSR.

 “We're looking forward to the effect of cost reduction by the introduction. In addition, by introducing a new surveillance system proactively JANS can increase the experience. I believe that JANS can flexibly accept for multi radar installation plan whose target is to improve the sophistication of en-route surveillance system, and for strengthen of surveillance for capital area airports in Japan.” said Hitoshi ISHIZAKI, the Director General of JANS.

 “As Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, we are honored and appreciated to contract with JCAB. Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing various types of radar system and contributing the safety for aviation. One of our well known radars, MLAT used to manufacture by using foreign items, but this Okayama Airport Terminal project, we decided to use the domestic items and make an effort to reduce the cost. The air traffic volumes are increased in the near future and we will continue to support the safety for aviation.” Hideo Maruyama, Deputy General Manager,

JANS is planning to deploy en-route WAM for western Japan and airport WAM in Haneda airport in the near future.


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