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Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) selects NTT DATA for new ATFM/ASM system

18 September 2015

JANS, the air navigation service provider, department of Japan Civil Aviation Bureau, has signed a contract for the TEAM (Trajectory-based Enhanced Aviation Management) system with NTT DATA.

The TEAM system includes an ATFM (air traffic flow management) function, an ASM (air space management) function and others.

JANS operates the ATFM system and ASM system for the whole Fukuoka FIR.

The current ATFM system activated in 1994, has mainly managed the traffic congestion around the Tokyo metropolitan area (arrival and departure from HND and NRT airport), and it has also been used for international flow management and inflight traffic management.

The current ASM system activated in 2005, has managed airspace for both civil and military training use.

This contract improves the performance of the present system. The new system is due to start operation in 2019.

JANS is advancing introduction of the new flight data processing (FDP) system which uses FO (flight object) simultaneously.

When the TEAM system uses the FO, high-precision air traffic management can be operated in Fukuoka FIR.

"With the Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled for 2020, a further increase in air traffic is expected. Making air traffic flow safely and efficiently is one of the most important mission for air traffic control, so the TEAM system is expected to play an important role to solve the mission very much," said Hitoshi ISHIZAKI, the Director General of JANS.

"Towards Tokyo Olympics 2020, we are very delighted to take responsibility to plan a main role in the development of a trajectory based ATM system in Japan. As one of the leading global IT companies, we would like to pursue "Made in Japan Quality" being superior to Quality, Cost and Delivery in cooperation with the parties concerned, and contribute to the enhancement of flight safety and air traffic service by the ATM system", Shunichi TAKEUCHI, Senior Vice President, Head of Public Sector 1, NTT DATA corporation said.

NTT DATA has also developed the PANADES (air space design system) which is distributed to several Asian ANSPs such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Thai, Lao PDR, and Indonesia.

In the Tokyo metropolitan area, the capacity of air traffic volume is approaching the limit. JANS is convinced that the improvement in the function of the ATM system is essential for safely handling the increasing volume of air traffic.

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