Jeppesen Flight Planning Services to Enhance Operational Efficiency for Jazeera Airways

30 May 2014

Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Digital Aviation, recently agreed to a new five-year flight planning service contract with Jazeera Airways, a leading regional carrier in the Middle East, based out of Kuwait. Jeppesen services included in the agreement will optimise flight planning capabilities and reduce overall operating costs for the airline. 

Jazeera Airways will integrate Jeppesen JetPlanner services into operation to enhance flight planning efficiency. Jeppesen JetPlanner is a Windows based user interface that provides a complete end-to-end flight planning and dispatch solution, powered by the Jeppesen JetPlan engine. The Jeppesen JetPlan engine uses a unique fuel, time and cost performance index to generate optimised routes and efficient flight plans, leading to lower operating costs. 

“Developing optimised flight plans that help to reduce fuel consumption based on efficient routing is a critical operational objective,” said Abdulla Al-Hudaid, chief operating officer, Jazeera Airways. “Integrating Jeppesen JetPlanner services will enable us to operate our flight planning procedures more efficiently throughout our network which includes the Middle East’s most popular destinations.” 

Jeppesen JetPlanner will provide Jazeera Airways with a simplified and consolidated access to flight data through an intuitive user interface. The flight planning solution includes multiple-scenario analysis to optimise fuel consumption and route times, resulting in lower operational costs. The ability to tailor customer-specific aircraft performance models will help to further increase the flight planning efficiency for Jazeera Airways. 

“Jeppesen JetPlanner capabilities will provide Jazeera Airways with the foundation for achieving enhanced flight planning operations and optimised routes,” said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. “In a highly competitive business environment, lowering costs and maximising fuel efficiency are key objectives for our airline customers. Our suite of flight planning solutions delivers improved results in these areas through increased operational efficiency.”

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