Full Membership

The air traffic management industry is constantly evolving: new technologies are changing the way that the air transport industry operates; there are new regulations and standards at global, regional and national levels; and the business models of air navigation service providers are evolving to respond to all of this.  CANSO is at the centre of this change: monitoring developments; anticipating new trends; influencing ATM elements of new regulations and standards; and advising its members on how to take advantage of and embrace change.

CANSO membership provides opportunities to: shape the future of air traffic management as part of CANSO’s Standing Committees, workgroups and regions; benefit from representation at major aviation forums – including ICAO; provide input to, and share experiences from major next-generation ATM modernisation programmes; access industry knowledge, guidance materials, data, and best practice; and work with other aviation stakeholders to address common challenges.

Full Membership is open to any organisation providing air navigation services, regardless of whether or not they are autonomous of their government.



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To see which organisations around the world are already shaping the future of air navigation services, please see our Member page.

Associate Membership

Organisations that provide goods and services to the air traffic management industry are eligible for Associate Membership. These include technology suppliers, aircraft operators, ATM systems manufacturers, consultants and others.

CANSO membership provides a vital competitive advantage. It enables its Associate Members to network, formally and informally, with their customers, giving them valuable access to key decision-makers from across the aviation industry.

Associate Members can participate in CANSO’s Standing Committees and workgroups. Furthermore, Associate Members enjoy voting rights at the CANSO Annual General Meeting and are represented on the organisation’s Executive Committee.

Global ATM-Net

Full and Associate Members have access to the CANSO Global ATM -Net, an online information forum which connects all CANSO Members, providing a unique global workplace for the world’s ATM community to exchange documents and organise meetings. The Global ATM Net also provides a contact list of all CANSO Member organisations.



Click here to download the Associate Member Application pack.

To see which organisations are already enjoying the benefits of Associate Membership, please see our Member page.

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