The air traffic management (ATM) industry is changing. As a result, all stakeholders are taking on a range of new tasks and responsibilities. They are preparing for a new generation of ATM technologies and major changes to the numbers and types of airspace users they support. Meanwhile, international aviation regulatory bodies are preparing new rules and procedures that will directly impact on their operations. It is therefore important that the ATM industry continues to influence its own future through proactive advocacy.

CANSO, the global voice of air traffic management, promotes positive engagement and provides its Members an opportunity to:

Shape the future of ATM
In a community that supports over 90 percent of world air traffic, technology and service providers play a pivotal role in developing the next generation of ATM systems. CANSO and its Members recognise that they must work together towards a performance-based air traffic management system. By actively participating in discussions with stakeholders, regulators and industry peers, Members can help create policies and guidelines that shape the future of the industry.

CANSO events, forums and workgroups allow you to work with other aviation stakeholders to address common challenges, such as new entrants to civil airspace, and build a safer, more efficient and effective future.  

Expand your network
CANSO provides Members with a vital competitive advantage through global events, workgroups and online platforms, which connect over 20,000 individuals within the ATM industry. It allows Members to network, and offers valuable access to key decision-makers from across the aviation industry. 

Participate in workgroups
CANSO membership entitles you to collaborate with over 90 ANSPs and over 90 industry innovators (suppliers and organisations) by participating in our highly influential forums and workgroups. Each forum and workgroup focuses on a specific area of ATM, and provides an objective environment for Members to analyse issues and develop guidance and best practices that improve safety, drive operational efficiency and solve business problems in an open, timely and predictable manner.

Access Information
CANSO membership allows you access to the latest information on industry developments, guidance materials, data, expertise and best practice. With over 80 publications available, the CANSO publication library is designed to help Members keep abreast of developments that can offer you a competitive edge. CANSO also offers an online information forum which connects all CANSO Members and provides a unique global workspace for the world’s ATM community to exchange industry intelligence and best practice. 

Be represented 
CANSO represents the interests of the global air traffic management community to governments, regulators and key stakeholders. CANSO attends global forums that determine the institutional and regulatory framework for air navigation service provision. This includes the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), procedures, policies and other guidance material from international organisations such as ICAO. CANSO then provide Members with insights into work programmes and initiatives that may affect them.

CANSO membership falls under three categories:

Full Members
Any ANSP can join CANSO as a Full Member regardless of its legal status. This includes ANSPs integrated within government structures and departments. The application form can be found here.

Intermediate Members
Any organisation that provides services intended to avoid collisions between airborne capable vehicles (manned and unmanned), and to maintain an orderly flow of air traffic. The application form can be found here.

Associate Members
Organisations that supply goods and services to the air traffic management industry, as well as academic institutions and airspace users can become an Associate Member. The application form can be found here.

For more information about the membership options and prices please download the Membership Pricing brochure.



  CANSO membership brochure 2020

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