Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA)

Organisation Overview

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) was established on 24th October 2002 by the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act, 2002 with the following primary functions:

  • Regulation and oversight of Aviation safety & Security
  • Economic regulation of Air services and development of Civil Aviation
  • Provision of Air Navigation Services
  • Training of Aviation personnel

KCAA operations are guided by the provisions of the convention on international civil aviation and the related ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and the Kenya civil Aviation Act, Cap 394, the civil aviation regulations, procedure and practices. 

To plan, develop, manage, regulate and operate a safe, economically sustainable and efficient civil aviation system in Kenya, in accordance with the provisions of the civil aviation Act, Cap 394.

To be a model of excellence in civil aviation. 

To develop, regulate and manage a safe, efficient and effective civil aviation system in Kenya. 

Strategic Objectives

  • Achieve an effective and sustainable safety and security oversight system.
  • Develop an effective and sustainable air transport system.
  • Ensure safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic.
  • Attract and retain competent, motivated and performance driven human capital.
  • To be a financially sustainable Authority.
  • Enhancement of Customer Service
  • Establish an international aviation training centre of excellence
Membership type: Full Member
Director General: Mr. Capt. Gilbert Kibe
Head office: P.O. Box 20163, Nairobi 00100 Kenya
Country: Kenya
Telephone number: +254 (20) 827 475 / +254 (20) 827 470
Fax number: +254 (20) 822 300 / +254 (20) 827 808
Website :

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