LAC3 Outlines Priorities in the Latin America Region

29 July 2014

At its 10th CEO Committee meeting on 1 July in Dublin, LAC3 discussed issues including: further enhancing collaboration and cooperation among regional ANSPs; the LAC3 regional strategy; and joint activities with regional stakeholders, such as PBN implementation, SMS implementation, ATFM, CDM and other regional air navigation activities.

LAC3 will continue to prioritise activities in the region, taking into consideration the views of regional stakeholders and working together with them. These include the implementation of PBN, ATFM and SMS and other air navigation related matters.

At the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America (RASG-PA) Executive Standing Committee meeting (ESC/20) held in Washington D.C. and hosted by the FAA, we witnessed the signing of a significant and historic MoU between RASG-PA and IATA. 

The MoU will enable RASG-PA to utilise information from the ALTA-IATA Trend Sharing Program (AITSP), which uses a proactive data-driven approach that focuses on identifying, prioritising and addressing risks before they lead to accidents. This information will help develop data-driven projects to constantly improve and monitor safety in the region and it will help RASG-PA to keep on working towards ensuring harmonisation and coordination of safety efforts aimed at reducing safety risks in the region. The share of data obtained will be used to prioritise efforts in main risk areas, always taking into account and working with current/true data to promote and manage projects that will enable the minimisation of risks. 

LAC3 took part in the 17th Meeting of the CAR/SAM Regional Planning and Implementation Group (GREPECAS/17) 21 – 25 July in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In coordination with Kapri Kupper, CANSO Operations Programme Manager and Doug Davis, Northrop Grumman, Co-Chair of the OSC´s Collaborative Airspace Workgroup (CAWG), CANSO presented a working paper on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and an information paper that provides an overview on the CANSO Crossing FIR Boundaries Project. 

The meeting was an excellent venue to inform and provide the region with documents that support air navigation activities and to promote the excellent work CANSO is developing to benefit of the air navigation community. 

LAC3 is collaborating in the development of several panels at the 5th Pan American Aviation Safety Summit in Curacao 8 – 12 September; the 8th Global ATFM conference in Cancun 4 – 6 November; and is organising CANSO’s LAC conference in San Salvador, El Salvador 1 – 3 December. 

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Javier Vanegas Director Latin America and Caribbean Affairs

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