LATAMCAR Quarterly Updates 2015

Quarter Four, 2015 

CANSO has presented its first ideas on developing a harmonisation and modernisation project for the Caribbean. As a start, CANSO and ICAO will develop a survey to be sent to all Caribbean States before December 2015. The survey will ascertain the actual air navigation system of the Caribbean region and it includes questions on ATM infrastructure, air traffic control tower systems, TMAs, communications, airports and FIR boundaries.

CANSO briefed the North American, Central American and Caribbean Directors General of Civil Aviation and ICAO Council (NACC DGCA-C) meeting on the CANSO Global Vision on the Future of Air Navigation Services and how it supports the creation of a harmonised ATM system; as well as the CANSO Guide to Seamless Airspace focusing on the four functional areas to achieve seamless airspace (infrastructure, procedures, information management and regulation).

During the 7th CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference participants discussed information sharing, cyber-security, remotely piloted aircraft systems, key performance indicators, ASBU, A-CDM, ATFM, and other topics which provide the region with updated information and the constant sharing of best practices.

The conference agreed to support the harmonisation of aviation across the region and the Latin America and Caribbean CEO Committee (LAC3) agreed the creation of the Latin America and Caribbean Safety Group.

The conference also served as a platform for the signing of important agreements such as those between SENASA and ASCA; and Aireon and DC-ANSP.


Quarter Three, 2015 

In Latin America and the Caribbean, CANSO participated in the second ICAO North America, Central America and Caribbean Air Navigation Implementation Work Group (NAMCAR ANIWG) meeting organised in Costa Rica in May. The meeting reviewed the implementation status of performance-based navigation (PBN), air traffic flow management (ATFM) and automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B).

CANSO participated in the revision of the automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast out (ADS-B out) concept of operations for the NAMCAR region. CANSO is contributing to the implementation of PBN, ATFM and ADS-B by participating in each subgroup and by providing CANSO’s best practices and education documents such as CANSO’s Performance-Based Navigation - Best Practice Guide for ANSPs.

At the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America Safety Summit held in Colombia in June, CANSO briefed participants at the runway safety panel on unstable approaches and CANSO’s activities in support of its Members. Jointly with Airbus ProSky, CANSO provided a PBN workshop concentrated on safety, based on the five key issues highlighted in CANSO´s Performance-Based Navigation - Best Practice Guide for ANSPs.

In July, the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS) Board of Directors met in Barbados. CANSO presented and shared working papers on the methodology and best practices for aviation system block upgrades (ASBU) implementation (as well as publicising the ASBU implementation training delivered by MITRE); flight information region (FIR) boundary crossing best practice guide that concentrated on mitigating issues with flight plan quality, eliminating duplicate and multiple flight plans; and the recommended key performance indicators for measuring air navigation service providers’ operational performance document.


Quarter Two, 2015

In Latin America and Caribbean, CANSO gave a brief to the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Pan America Runway Safety Seminar on unstable approaches. We provided information about the future of air traffic management at Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority’s first air navigation services expo. The expo to raises awareness of the importance of air traffic management to other governmental institutions. And we participated in the inauguration of Mexico´s Meteorological Doppler Radar and the modernisation of Mexico´s control tower and area control centre.

At the Caribbean Aviation Safety and Security Oversight System (CASSOS) Board meeting CANSO briefed on developments in the ‘Crossing Flight Information Region Boundaries’ project; and the importance of supporting it.

CANSO submitted working papers to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s 98th Central American Directors of Civil Aviation Meeting in March to showcase CANSO documents on RPAS, Cyber Security and the work on crossing Flight Information Region boundaries.

We welcome Corporacion Centroamericana de Servicios de Navegacion Area (COCESNA) as our latest Member. COCESNA is responsible for the provision of air navigation services in the airspace over the Central American Flight Information Region, covering Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua


Quarter One, 2015

CANSO jointly organised (with EUROCONTROL, FAA, IATA and ICAO) the 8th Global Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Conference hosted by SENEAM in Mexico. The theme was 'Next Steps towards the regional implementation of globally harmonised ATFM'. CANSO Members AEROTHAI, DECEA and SENEAM gave a global overview and shared best practice in ATFM and collaborative decision making (CDM). A CANSO presentation was delivered on how to initiate a CDM process, and how CANSO is supporting and assisting its members in executing and implementing ATFM and CDM.

The sixth CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference took place in December hosted by SENEAM. The theme was 'Challenges and Opportunities' and participants discussed progress in the region and how the region must cooperate more. Panels included: air navigation in the region and barriers such as airspace harmonisation and implementing PBN; human resource management looked at hiring and ATCO profiles; measuring performance; and separation of service provision from regulation. These highlighted some of the main issues on which to work in the region and opportunities for improvement.

Safety and operations workshops took place after the conference, where different points of views were discussed. Subjects included safety management system (SMS) implementation; runway safety; crossing Flight Information Region boundaries; and airport-collaborative decision making (A-CDM). Following the conference, ALTA, CANSO, IATA and ICAO held the first 'train the trainer' phraseology workshop related to ICAO document 4444 for the correct use of Spanish phraseology.

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