Launching the CANSO Europe Strategy for the Future of Safety in ATM

29 July 2014

SES update 
On 1 July, Italy took over the Presidency of the European Union from Greece. Italy is determined to further develop the Single European Sky legislative framework, SES2+, with priority in the European Council towards an agreement by end 2014, based on the proposal of the European Commission and the approved amendments of the European Parliament earlier this year.

CANSO continues to communicate the need for better regulation that empowers ANSPs to provide services most effectively in an open environment that is not micromanaged by the EU. 

Deployment Manager 
After more than two years of definition and consultation, the EC has now published the Call for Tender to establish the SESAR Deployment Manager (DM) which should be in place by end 2014. It will start by using the agreed Pilot Common Project to organise a Deployment Programme for implementing the first elements of SESAR. Based on this first part more Common Projects will follow, thus realising the deployment of the new ATM technology and operational concept in accordance with the European ATM Master Plan. CANSO will act as the interface between the DM and the European ANSPs. 

SESAR 2020 
The European Union has recently approved the continuation of the SESAR Joint Undertaking as the single focal body for performing ATM research and development in Europe up to 2024. This will be funded by EUR 585 million of public money, which will be complemented by an in-kind contribution by Eurocontrol and money from industry investors. CANSO supported the continuation of this public private partnership, as it sets the path for a focused ATM R&D and validation programme over the next years. 

Cyber Security 
IATA and AEA organised the first cyber-security workshop specifically for the aviation industry to bring together stakeholders to learn and share ideas about this new and developing threat. CANSO presented the recently launched CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide at this event. 

The EC organised a workshop to assess the current implementation status of the ADQ (Aeronautical Data Quality) Regulation, to identify existing issues or areas of concern and to discuss its possible evolution. CANSO urged the EC not to break the momentum for ADQ compliance but suggested that intermediate dates could be changed to better reflect the current issues in implementation and advised that financial support was necessary for the successful implementation of ADQ Regulation. 

The CANSO Europe Strategy for the Future of Safety in ATM has been officially launched. This excellent document offers a new way of thinking that will lead to the further enhancement of safety in air traffic management. For the application of the safety strategy, CANSO is developing an implementing guide with a toolkit of existing best practices and actions for an ANSP or in partnership with other industry stakeholders / academia to improve safety performance. 


  CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide
  CANSO Europe Strategy for the Future of Safety in ATM

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