Leonardo S.p.a.

Organisation overview

Leonardo is a global technology player in security, aerospace and defence. With over 47,000 employees and revenues of €13B, Leonardo has a strong industrial footprint in Italy, the UK, the US, Poland, and a wide presence internationally. Leonardo is a trusted international manufacturer of complex solutions for ATC and communication, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) systems, implementing dependable and scalable solutions satisfying any worldwide ATCOs, and supporting growth in air navigation services, fully guaranteeing the safety of the operations. Leonardo delivers reliable state-of-the-art radars and CNS solutions, and provides the market with innovative solutions as UTM by cloud services, RPAS insertion into ATM and cyber security protection/services for ATM environment. In US, Leonardo is manufacturing Navigation Aids and ADS-B radios while the production of the weather radars is located in Germany.

Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Gold
CEO: Mr. Alessandro Profumo
Head office: Via Tiburtina, Km 12.400 00131 Rome Italy
Country: Italy
Telephone number: +39 0641502612
Fax number: +39 335 163 0247

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