Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL)

Organisation Overview

LVNL founds the organisation of its services on a dialogue with all stakeholders, always seeking the optimum balance between- conflicting- interests and demands. Aiming for result is the key: creating an added value with a favourable costs/benefits relation for the stakeholder. 

LVNL wants to operate as an independent, authoritative professional service provider within the aviation sector. Besides, we give a clear substantiation on our position in the complexity of stakeholder demands. Demands pertaining to safety, capacity and environment. A company that openly accounts of its achievements. From this position LVNL works on its future in a rapidly changing world. 

No. of Towers Operated: 4
No. of ACCs: 1
No. of Employees: 894
Total number of ATCOs: 179

Membership type: Full Member
CEO of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands: Mr. Michiel Van Dorst
Head office: PO Box 75200 1117 ZT Schiphol Airport Amsterdam the Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (20) 406 2000
Fax number: +31 (20) 648 4999
Website :

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