Members to Shape Safety Policy and Agree New Safety Initiatives at CANSO's Global ATM Safety Conference

26 September 2013

Safety is our industry’s number one priority and CANSO has gained an excellent reputation for leading and implementing initiatives that improve safety across the industry. Many of these initiatives, such as the Runway Safety Initiative launched this June, have their genesis in CANSO’s annual safety conference. This is an exciting forum for all those who regard safety as a key issue and who want to learn about programmes, techniques and best practices to improve their company’s safety as well as sharing their experiences and having an input into future safety initiatives. 

This year’s annual conference is coming up and will be another excellent opportunity for Members to take part in the safety debate, share best practice and help shape CANSO’s safety initiatives. The CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference takes place 4-8 November in Loch Lomond, Scotland, and is kindly hosted by NATS UK. 

This year, the conference is a particularly important event as a number of key issues will be debated and important decisions made. Those attending will discuss the important role that safety plays in CANSO’s Vision 2020 and how we will deliver on the commitments outlined in the associated Work Plan. Delegates will explore how they can leverage real value from the work we are doing on safety and in particular from our safety products. They will approve draft CANSO products including those on Just Culture; the revised CANSO Standard of Excellence (aligned with Annex 19); the CANSO Safety Benchmarking Report; and the draft ‘CANSO Guidance on a Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation and Assessment’. 

In addition delegates will:

  • Learn what is working within the different regions to promote safety and the safety action plans
  • Hear from our industry partners about their plans for the coming year
  • Find out where the Risk Analysis Tool and Risk Analysis Process are maturing and discuss how non-European/US countries will begin to implement a risk analysis process
  • Learn the next steps to implementing Safety II, which focuses on what we do well and what is proven to work
  • Learn about Predictive Safety Management – what are the key predictive leading indicators? What does an operation need to be able to predict safety?
  • What should go in an ANSP’s safety report card? How do you weight your variables? Simply providing a report regarding accidents or deaths is not sufficient
  • What are the safety implications of automation? Is over-automating a real issue? How can we best assess the safety risks associated with automation including the degradation of the human skill-set?


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