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Organisation Overview

Founded in 1995, Metron Aviation, a subsidiary of Airbus Americas and member of theAirbus ProSky Alliance, pioneered the advancement of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), working with the FAA to develop the industry’s first Collaborative Decision Making(CDM) platform for optimising system-wide traffic flow. Metron Aviation provides concept engineering, advanced research, software development, traffic flow management, surface operations management, airspace design and environmental analysis solutions to the global aviation industry. Metron Aviation fuses advanced science and mathematics with unparalleled subject-matter expertise to turn groundbreaking Air Traffic Management(ATM) research concepts into next-generation operational capabilities. Metron Harmony, Metron Aviation’s commercial product, provides integrated ATFM and CDM capabilities for the world’s leading Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airlines and airports. Metron Aviation customers include the FAA, NAV CANADA, NASA, ATNS, FedEx, Air Canada, Memphis International Airport, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Airservices Australia and many more. 

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ATM Products & Services 
Metron Harmony for ANSPs 
An Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (I-ATFM) solution that provides a framework for exchanging flight data among users who share the need for a common view of air traffic flow operations. Metron Harmony for ANSPs serves as the foundation for ATFM, working within and across multiple airports, Flight Information Regions and ANSPs. It fully supports current and emerging Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) concepts to improve efficiency and predictability. 

Metron Harmony for Airlines 
An Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (I-ATFM) solution that improves the overall efficiency of airline operations and aids in tactical and pre-tactical decision making. It provides an integrated view of real-time and predictive air traffic conditions along with airport surface operations to dramatically improve on-time performance, reduce taxi delays and lower operating costs. 

Metron Harmony for Airports 
An Integrated Air Traffic Flow Management (I-ATFM) solution that provides airports with advanced decision support and predictive capabilities to increase efficiency of airport operations. It is a web-based, decision support solution and surface situational display that delivers real-time reporting and analysis. Metron Harmony for Airports offers a link between all airport partners through a single consistent view of airport operations. 

Metron Aviation is committed to the FAA and its advancement of NextGen. The Metron Aviation SE-2020 team provides the breadth and depth of capabilities, Subject Matter Experts (SME) and management to successfully implement the emerging technologies and support the operational areas defined for near-term and long-term capabilities. 

Concept Engineering and Developement 
The core business of Metron Aviation is conceiving, designing and developing new concepts and capabilities to make National Airspace System operations safer, more efficient, predictable, equitable and flexible. 

Environmental and Energy Management 
Metron Aviation possesses a unique and comprehensive understanding of the environmental impact of air transportation and is committed to helping the aviation industry address vital environmental and energy-related challenges that will improve the sustainability and harmonisation of global aircraft operations. Metron Aviation provides a wide range of environmental services and is currently involved in several near- and longterm initiatives. 

Airspace Design 
Metron Aviation is partnering with the FAA, NASA and others in the research and development of the NextGen airspace design in the National Airspace System (NAS). This work includes all aspects of airspace design from concept development, to Human-In- The-Loop (HITL) analysis, to deployment. Leveraging extensive experience, Metron Aviation provides detailed analyses and develops comprehensive tools for airspace optimisation, design and analysis.

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Head office: Metron Aviation, Inc. 45300 Catalina Court, Suite 101, Dulles, VA 20166, USA
Country: USA
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