Middle East Quarterly Update 2015

Quarter Four, 2015

The CANSO Middle East CEO Committee (MEC3) agreed the strategic direction and operational priorities for the coming years. It confirmed the importance of strengthening collaboration with partners such as ICAO, IATA, AACO and ACI to jointly work on regional solutions. CANSO will continue to support Members in their efforts to improve performance through guidance material and workshops.

CANSO attended an ICAO seminar on airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM) in Bahrain in October, and shared the latest best practice, as well as what CANSO has accomplished in the Middle East.

As a member of the Middle East ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP) Steering Committee, CANSO is determined to actively contribute to its success by coordinating the views of ANSPs. CANSO participated in the second meeting in Cairo in October. The meeting reviewed draft documentation on the establishment of MAEP. It recommended actions to the MAEP Board on the projects to be implemented under the MAEP framework, including funding options. The projects are: MID ATS Route Network Optimization project (ARNOP); MID Flight Procedure Programme (MID FPP); MID Integrated Flight Plan Processing System (MID IFPS); MID Region AIM Database (MIDAD); MID IP Network; Regional/sub-Regional ATFM system.

The Middle East Strategy Coordination Committee (MESCC) and Strategy Task Force will meet in November in Dubai, to agree priorities for the next two years; the roadshow for the Middle East civil aviation authorities and ANSPs, and to discuss topics for the 2016 Middle East ANSP, Airspace User and Stakeholder Engagement (MEAUSE) Annual Workgroup Forum.


Quarter Three, 2015

The CANSO Middle East Strategy Task Force (STF) met in Amman, Jordan in May to discuss the CANSO Middle East Strategy. The meeting also discussed a proposed pilot project to develop new airways over the Empty Quarter; CANSO ME business planning for 2016; and steps to ensure a productive relationship with ICAO-MID. The next meeting will take place in November 2015.

The CANSO Middle East Steering Committee (MESCC) met in May, and discussed the events calendar; 2016 budget; and the proposed roadshows in Kuwait in Q4 2015 and Bahrain in Q1 2016. The next meeting is on 3 November 2015.

ICAO Middle East Regional Office organised a Safety Management Workshop in Kuwait in May, with CANSO giving a presentation on “CANSO Safety Best Practice in the MID Towards Better Aviation”. The ICAO Middle East Air Navigation Planning & Implementation Regional Group (MIDANPIRG/15) met in Bahrain in June, to discuss issues including: air navigation from a global perspective; air navigation safety related issues; and coordination with the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-MID). CANSO participated and submitted an information paper “Non-Punitive Reporting processes and protection of Safety”, which provided information about the CANSO guidelines on Just Culture.

Engr. Adel Alaufi has replaced Mr. Hamad Alaufi as Director Middle East Affairs. Adel is on secondment from the Saudi Arabia General Authority of Civil Aviation.


Quarter Two, 2015

In February, the Middle East Strategy Task Force met in Muscat, Oman and agreed to promote CANSO through a Middle East Roadshow consisting of a presentation on CANSO and its activities and a dialogue to understand the expectations and needs of ANSPs. The Roadshow will visit Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. The next meeting will be in Amman, Jordan on 17 May 2015.

CANSO and IATA organised the Annual MEAUSE Workshop Forum in February in Muscat, Oman, kindly hosted by PACA. Over 90 participants attended sessions on performance-driven ANSP management; benchmarking; CANSO Fitness Check; as well as work shops on safety and customer relationship management.

Mr. Ehab Azmy from NANSC (Egypt) has been elected as the new Chair of MEC3 and Mr. Ibrahim Ahli of DANS (Dubai) as Vice Chair.


Quarter One, 2015

The CANSO Middle East CEO Committee (MEC3) has endorsed the CANSO Middle East strategy. This strategy lays out the steps to implement Vision 2020 in the region with detailed deliverables to achieve harmonised, efficient and effective provision of air navigation services across the region.

In January, CANSO Director General Jeff Poole visited Dubai to support CANSO's activities in the region and to take part in several important meetings. First was the Future Air Transportation Systems Summit (FATSS) where the Director General was able to make the ATM case as speaker, moderator and panellist in different sessions. The conference discussed and explored ways of enhancing airspace capacity and reorganising airspace structure.

On the second day of FATSS, CANSO conducted the afternoon sessions as a 'mini' Middle East Conference. This was attended by regulators, ANSPs, airspace users, ICAO and industry partners. Topics included safety in the region; benchmarking and the CANSO Fitness Check; performance-driven ANSP management; collaboration through MEAUSE; and others.

The Director General also attended a meeting of the Steering Committee of the Middle East Airspace Enhancement Plan (MAEP) organised by ICAO and hosted by UAE GCAA. MAEP is a collaborative regional platform for planning and implementing air navigation projects. The discussions were timely as the region sees a growing need for efforts to cope with the increasing congestion of air traffic movements, which is affecting regional airspace capability. For example, MAEP will seek to tackle the closure of some airways in a number of countries.

The CANSO involvement with and partnership in these FATSS conference sessions, strengthened by the helpful presence also of the CANSO Executive Committee, enabled us to raise the profile and credibility of CANSO in the Middle East region. But this comes together with raised expectations of CANSO, so we now need to move forward effectively with strong implementation of the recently approved CANSO Middle East Strategy.

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