Middle East Quarterly Update 2018

 Quarter 4, 2018

CANSO attended the first Middle East Regional Aviation Security & Facilitation Group meeting, where the main topics were RPAS and the safe and secure integration of them into environments shared by a highly regulated and well-established manned aircraft industry, along with security aspects of UAS irrespective of size and location. Further items included ensuring that the regional security plans were in line and supporting the Global Aviation Safety Plan.

CANSO was able to provide excellent contributions and support to the First Meeting of the Air Traffic Flow Management Task Force and the First Meeting of the World Cup 2022 Task Force, held in Muscat, Oman. This participation added great value and supported our planning for the successful implementation of regional collaborative ATFM in the MID Region. We will continue to work closely on this as it develops. 

Finally we are talking with various parties about holding a first ATM Safety Conference in the Middle East Region during 2019, of which I hope to give you more information over the forthcoming months.

Quarter 3, 2018

In May, CANSO presented to the ICAO MIDANPIRG Air Traffic Management Sub-Group and ICAO MID office on the CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA), how the programme developed and its achievements so far. There was discussion about how ATFM could be developed in the region and requests for CANSO to further participate where possible. The next meeting is in Muscat, Oman in September.

To progress CANSO activity in the region, the Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3) Chair has written to regional Members requesting information on their main challenges in order to develop some key Middle East region strategic objectives for 2019. Responses are to be sent by email.

Quarter 2, 2018

The Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3) has determined that the strategy in the Middle East Region should be to focus on safety issues, as requested and promoted by ICAO. The action plan for the CANSO safety initiative in the Middle East was discussed and approved at the MEC3 meeting in April. At this meeting, Harris was also welcomed as a new region Member.

CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, participated as the keynote speaker at the GCAA's Aeronnovation Summit in Dubai. I was also one of the judges (together with the DG of GCAA) for the Aeronnovation Awards, and together we presented them to the winners. CANSO also met with the Transport Minister and Chairman of GCAA. Pool also spoke on Middle East ATM issues at the Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi on 30 April.

Quarter 1, 2018

 The Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3) has agreed that work in the region in 2018 should have a priority focus on safety, and closely involve the CANSO Safety Programme. In conjunction with and at the request of ICAO, CANSO has been leading on a Safety Enhancement Initiative(SEI) on ATM safety management systems (SMS) in the Middle East.

Through the initiative CANSO has deepened its relationship with ICAO in the region, addressing key ATM challenges, such as increasing traffic demand, the implementation of new technology, the growth in unmanned aircraft, increasing automation, while maintaining and improving safety. In November, CANSO conducted a SMS and Just Culture workshop in Oman. It was attended by 33 participants, including five regional ANSPs, and offered important practical and strategic information on boosting SMS in the Middle East.

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