Middle East Quarterly Updates 2014

Quarter Four, 2014

The CANSO Middle East Region convened a consolidated meeting of its three workgroups – Middle East Strategy and Coordination Committee (MESCC), Middle East ANSP, Airspace User and Stakeholder Engagement (MEAUSE), and the Safety Workgroup – in Dubai in September. The meeting reviewed the work plan and updated the Middle East regional strategy, consolidated views on the key industry drivers and the direction for the transformation of ATM performance in the region. Members committed resources to promote the benefits of CANSO to non-members in the region.

CANSO Middle East is enhancing and transforming the provision of air navigation services in the Middle East by providing a regional platform for members and leadership in key initiatives. We are working collaboratively with ICAO, IATA and other stakeholders on joint regional initiatives that will deliver tangible benefits to current and potential new Members through an agreed work plan with defined responsibilities, timescales and measurable outcomes.

The updated CANSO Middle East Strategy, along with implementation and milestone processes, will be presented for approval to the 10th Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3) in Amman in November.


Quarter Three, 2014

The Middle East ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP) held its first Board meeting in Cairo 23-25 June and agreed to establish a MAEP Steering Committee and Project Management Office. CANSO will play a key role, providing input from our MIDRAR study and subject matter expertise from our Members. We will establish an internal CANSO MAEP Workgroup to ensure the needs of our Members are fully represented.

In September, CANSO ME will organise a series of coordinated meetings in Dubai to discuss the future of CANSO in the ME; determine what the ME needs from CANSO; how to secure the active participation and contribution of ME Members; and finalise the draft ME Strategy. The meetings are MESCC (ME Strategy Coordination Committee), MEAUSE SG (Middle East ANSP, Airspace User and Stakeholder Engagement Steering Group) and Safety Workgroup.

The Middle East Region Safety Workgroup will finalise and launch a regional survey intended to appraise the safety set- up, reporting, risk management, just culture and safety maturity in the region. In addition a regional safety seminar will be held alongside the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 26-30 October.


Quarter Two, 2014

The 5th CANSO Middle East Conference, which took place in Amman in February, focused on developing a regional strategy in line with Vision 2020. This aims to cater for the rapid traffic growth that is currently constrained by fragmented, saturated and uncoordinated airspace across the region. The emphasis was on working in partnership with regional organisations to achieve seamless airspace. After the conference, a safety seminar was held to help Members improve their organisation’s safety culture. Further ICAO meetings have also considered the harmonisation of airspace including the MID Regional Coordination Meeting (MID RCM/1) consisting of regional organisations; and the MID region ATM Enhancement Program Special Coordination Meeting (MAEP SCM).


Quarter One, 2014

In the Middle East, we have some important events in the near future. The CANSO Middle East Conference will take place in Amman on 4 and 5 February, featuring important workshop discussions on the challenges of transforming air traffic management in the region and what should be the role of CANSO in organising and driving those efforts. This will lead to discussion and agreement on a CANSO Middle East Strategy and Implementation Plan. Recognising the importance of a strong membership for the successful achievement of regional initiatives, we will also hold a CANSO Member workshop on 3 February to develop a marketing and membership strategy to grow the CANSO membership in the region.

CANSO is presently preparing for the special coordination meeting on ATM enhancement later in February. Back in May 2013, CANSO presented the MIDRAR initiative at the ICAO MID DGCA meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. MIDRAR aims to resolve airspace fragmentation and respond to capacity and efficiency issues in the ME. The meeting decided to organise a special coordination meeting in to agree the best mechanism to establish a MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme.

Building on the successful results of the customer relation management (CRM) pilot project by CARC and Royal Jordanian, CANSO will continue to promote and roll out CRM across the region. In addition, we continue to roll-out and promote A-CDM as Jeddah Airport has been chosen as the pilot project.

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