Middle East Quarterly Updates 2016

Quarter Four, 2016

CANSO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC) to enhance initiatives in the Arab world; co-operate in the area of international air traffic management (ATM); cooperate on safety, sustainability and security; exchange information; participate in each other’s international events, and jointly organise events or initiatives.

CANSO participated in the Global Ministerial Summit on Safety and Security of Civil Aviation, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Middle East States committed to improve cooperation on safety and security. Six joint projects were endorsed including the ATS Route Network Optimization Project; ICAO Middle East (MID) Region Flight Procedure Programme; Middle East and North Africa Regional Safety Oversight Organization; ICAO MID “No Country Left Behind” activities for 2017; Agency for Flight Checks and Collection of Air Navigation Charges; and Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC) Regional Training Cooperation Initiative. ACAC and ICAO MID signed the Riyadh Declaration on Aviation Security and Facilitation. This will ensure political commitment to support States in meeting their aviation security and facilitation obligations.

At the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Symposium in Algeria, CANSO announced its willingness to partner in ASBU activities in the ACAC and ICAO MID Regions, which will help to improve operations.

CANSO participated in the 6th International Federation of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Associations (IFATSEA) Africa meeting in Tunisia. Discussions included safety aspects of air traffic safety electronics and the ICAO Manual of Competency based Training and Assessment for the Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP). CANSO Director Middle East Affairs shared CANSO’s latest safety activities, including the Africa Declaration; cyber security; and CANSO’s commitment to the ICAO “Next Generation of Aviation Professionals” (NGAP) project.

CANSO participated in the MID Safety Support Team meeting and the States’ National Continuous Monitoring Coordinators meeting in October in Abu Dhabi , where CANSO presented its safety enhancement implementation plan on implementing safety management systems.

The first CANSO Middle East Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Workshop was held in Amman, Jordan. The ASBU module B0-ACDM on Improved Airport Operation through A-CDM is a priority one ASBU module in the MID Air Navigation Strategy. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of A-CDM; and assisted CANSO Middle East members in developing their action plan for implementing A-CDM.


Quarter Three, 2016

Eng. Hazim Abudaowd, Assistant President for Air Navigation, GACA (Saudi Arabia) has been elected as the new Chair of the Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3). He also has been confirmed as the Middle East representative on the CANSO Executive Committee.

CANSO participated in the Arab Air Carriers’ Organization (AACO) coordination meeting on the region’s priorities. The meeting discussed enhancing airspace infrastructure in terms of efficiency and availability. Concerned organisations will relay feedback to ICAO on specific issues and ICAO will follow up on the action items with States to identify which issues can be addressed at the operational level and which issues would require escalation to governments through a High Level Go-Team. CANSO attended the 23rd Arab Civil Aviation Commission (ACAC) Assembly and agreed in principle to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ACAC to co-operate in the area of international air traffic management (ATM), in particular on safety, sustainability, security and other topics of common interest. In addition, we agreed to cooperate to exchange information and to participate in each other’s international events, as well as jointly organising events or initiatives.

CANSO participated in the ICAO Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-MID), the third MID Region Safety Summit, and the High Level Briefing, in Doha, in May. CANSO moderated and presented in the session on the State Safety Programme and implementing safety management systems and participated in the Runway and Ground Safety Sessions. CANSO will be championing a Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI) to implement safety management systems for ATM. This will ensure the sharing of CANSO safety guidance and best practice.

CANSO participated in the Sudan Airspace Restructuring Conference, in May, where all organisations decided to launch a collaborative action plan to restructure Sudan’s airspace. CANSO offered to host any coordination meeting and facilitate and communicate the steps to implement this project.

The CANSO Director General will deliver a keynote speech at the Global Ministerial Conference on Safety and Security of Civil Aviation on 29-31 August, in Saudi Arabia. The conference will be an opportunity to exchange experiences with other regions and organisations, and to agree on a set of priorities and vital projects to be implemented in the Middle East Region.


Quarter Two, 2016

At the second meeting of the ICAO Performance-Based Navigation Sub-Group, CANSO shared its PBN Best Practice Guide for ANSPs. Participants were encouraged to use it when developing national PBN plans. CANSO expressed its willingness to support PBN activity in the Middle East.

The Middle East CANSO CEO Committee (MEC3) has tasked the CANSO Middle East Strategy Coordination Committee (MESCC) to come up with four priorities as part of the CANSO Middle East strategy. MEC3 agreed to send a CANSO delegation to Kuwait to introduce CANSO’s vision and strategy and activities in the region.

The Second Middle East ANSP, Airspace User and Stakeholder Engagement (MEAUSE) Annual Workshop Forum took place in April, in Cairo, kindly hosted by NANSC of Egypt. Interactive sessions addressed air traffic flow management and collaborative decision making, loss of control in flight, drones and remote control towers.

The CANSO Middle East Safety Workgroup discussed how CANSO is championing the Safety Enhancement Initiative on safety management systems; the Safety Training Workshop for NANSC; the CANSO Safety three year plan; and the CANSO role in the May ICAO Middle East Safety Summit.

The launch of the Middle East Airspace Enhancement Programme (MAEP) has been delayed as it is not supported by Middle East States politically or financially. Accordingly, the MAEP Board agreed a revised organisational structure, dissolving the MAEP Steering Committee and establishing a MAEP Projects Coordination Team (MPCT). CANSO will be a member of the MPCT. CANSO will attending the various MAEP meetings and monitor the results, seeking opportunities to support the process in the future.


Quarter One, 2016

The Middle East Strategy Task Force, and the CANSO Middle East Strategy Coordination Committee (MESCC), met in November. The meeting updated the CANSO Middle East Strategy; agreed on the first two CANSO roadshows, which will take place in Kuwait and Qatar in April and September 2016 respectively; finalised the 2016 Middle East work plan; and discussed topics for the 2016 Middle East ANSP, Airspace User and Stakeholder Engagement (MEAUSE) Annual Forum which will take place in Cairo 3-4 April.

CANSO attended the second meeting of the ATM Sub-Group (ATM SG/2) of the ICAO Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (MIDANPIRG), in Cairo, in December. Among important issues discussed was the ICAO MID civil/military support team, which provides States with guidance to enhance civil/military cooperation and implement the flexible use of airspace (FUA) concept. CANSO is discussing with ICAO how best to support this initiative, which is one of the main work streams of MEAUSE.

CANSO attended the fourth meeting of the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASGMID) Steering Committee (RSC/4), in Cairo in December and presented the latest CANSO safety activities and guidance material. CANSO was invited to champion a Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI) related to the implementation of safety management systems for ATM. This will ensure greater involvement of Middle East ANSPs in RASG; and provide them with CANSO safety guidance and best practice.

CANSO participated in the Drones Middle East Conference in January, in Dubai. CANSO presented its publication ANSP Considerations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Operations; and participated in discussions on future global and regional plans for drones.

As Iran prepares to enter a post-sanctions environment, CANSO participated in the CAPA Iran Aviation Summit in Tehran in January. The Director Middle East Affairs gave a speech and took part in a panel discussion on the need for the modernisation of Iran’s air navigation services with regard to equipment, technology, people and skills.

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