MITRE Signs Contract with Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation

5 February 2018

The Vietnam Air Traffic Management (VATM) Corporation signed a contract today with The MITRE Corporation to develop the country's Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Master Plan.

The ATFM Master Plan project will provide VATM with an integrated vision and systematic roadmap to implement ATFM in Vietnam. This contract will be jointly funded by the U.S. Trade Development Agency (TDA) and the VATM.

MITRE will work with VATM over the next 16 months to identify Vietnam-specific ATFM-related challenges and develop an ATFM vision for 2025 and beyond. The work will include a concept of operations, an implementation plan, and provide training to VATM and other ATFM stakeholders. MITRE will also collaboratively develop a roadmap for VATM to participate in regional and international ATFM integration, and provide recommendations for establishing an organizational framework to enable Vietnam's ATFM.

The Vietnamese government issued Decree No. 125/2015/ND-CP on December 4, 2015, detailing air traffic management regulations, which allows VATM to establish an ATFM center based on the existing air traffic coordination center. This ATFM center initiative demonstrates the commitment of Vietnam's government to transform and modernize its air traffic management operations and systems to meet critical aviation needs.

"Improved air traffic management in Vietnam will provide increased safety and capacity for our airlines, airports, and airspace; and allow the country to accommodate continued traffic growth," said VATM's Director General Mr. Doan Huu Gia. "As a result, Vietnam will realize greater inter-region and intra-region economic activity. Also, availability of more efficient air transport will generate additional business activity and commerce, thereby creating new jobs."

"MITRE has helped the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration establish its ATFM capabilities since its inception to manage very similar challenges," said Gregg Leone, MITRE vice president and director of the FAA's Center for Advanced Aviation System Development. "While Vietnam's geopolitical operational environments are different from the U.S., we are confident that our experiences and capabilities will be able to help Vietnam to plan its national ATFM foundation."

"This project builds upon USTDA's long history of supporting Vietnam's efforts to improve aviation safety and efficiency as flight traffic in the country continues to increase," said USTDA Regional Director Henry Steingass. "We are pleased to partner with VATM and support U.S. technical experts, MITRE, who will assist with the development of an Air Traffic Flow Management plan."

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