NATS and Indra agree strategic partnership

3 March 2015

NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic services, has entered into a strategic partnership with global information technology company, Indra.

The purpose of the partnership is to strengthen the existing relationship in strategic supply, particularly in relation to developments linked to SESAR, such as iTEC. The partnership will also enable the development of joint propositions for new customer solutions.

A formal agreement was recently signed by Tim Bullock, Supply Chain Director, NATS, and Ramon Tarrech, Director ATM Strategic Development, Indra, to cement the partnership and confirm the joint aspiration of both companies - to win new business together by combining the complementary capabilities of both industry leading companies.

Commenting on the agreement, Tim Bullock, said: “The intent is to expand the parameters of our existing relationship in order to increase business opportunities for both organisations in territories of interest, such as in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. We have already begun work on identifying these opportunities, which amongst other things, should offer solutions to capacity restrained airports around the world.”

Ramón Tarrech, Director ATM Strategic Development, Indra, also commented: “We are proud of our collaboration with NATS and have been working with the company for over a decade, both in the UK and internationally. NATS’ Air Traffic Management (ATM) business and operations management capabilities complement Indra’s comprehensive technology offering. The partnership is an innovative proposition, which supports the implementation of advanced ATM/CNS (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance) solutions more efficiently for customers. It also sets new delivery models, which will benefit NATS, and complements specific segments of industry and particular geographic regions where we have common interests. Strategically and with a medium-term perspective, we expect that both companies will now be better placed to collaborate with industry in a rapidly evolving marketplace.”

Gonzalo Gavín, Director of European ATM, Indra, said: “This strategic partnership further strengthens the long and excellent relationship between the two companies. The Deploying SESAR programme will, after Prestwick Upper Airspace, become one of the most ambitious programmes in the industry, and the trust built through this partnership will ensure the successful achievement of SESAR related targets. iTEC, as an example of a Single European Sky innovation, is the real key to systems transformation, but the partnership agreement is the backbone to creating long lasting business benefits worldwide.”

Martin Rolfe, Managing Director of Operations, NATS, added: “This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both NATS and Indra to the shared business interests in the same markets. The combination of our complementary capabilities puts us in a position to successfully develop and bring to market innovative customer solutions that adds value to existing and new customers.”



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