LEMZ R&P Corp.

Organisation Overview

Research and production corporation ‘Lianozovo Electromechanical Plant’ (LEMZ R&P Corp.) is an enterprise that is specialised in the field of development and manufacture of radar complexes and control systems of various purpose. 

The plant was based in 1935 and initially was engaged in repair and manufacture of passenger railway carriages. In 1951 the plant was redesigned for manufacture of complicated radio-electronic equipment. And as late as next year manufacture of radio communication lines and radar stations was mastered by the plant. 

LEMZ participated in realisation of a number of important national programs, for example, in equipping with radar means of Air Traffic Control automated systems “Strela” in Russia (Rostov zone), in Ukraine (Kiev zone) and in Belorussia (Minsk zone), in creation of a landing complex for the Soviet space shuttle “Buran”, in creation of low-altitude detector for air-defense missile complex S-300PMU. 

The main developer of products manufactured by the plant is the incorporated design bureau (former “LIRA” design bureau) that during 57 years of its existence was engaged in more than 300 research and development projects and practically all of them were handed over into quantity production at LEMZ. 

In 2002 LEMZ was reorganised from a Federal State Unitary Enterprise into a jointstock company and included into “Almaz-Antey” Concern as its part. In April of 2006 the JSC «LEMZ» was reorganised into JSC «LEMZ Research and Production Corp.», and design bureau “LIRA” was integrated into it as a structural unit. 

Having about 60-year experience of development and manufacture of radioengineering equipment, LEMZ R&P Corp. became one of leading suppliers of radar equipment.

Membership type: Associate Member
Membership status: Silver
Director General: Mr. Gennadiy Benderski
Head office: 110 Dmitrovskoye Shosse, 127411, Moscow, Russia
Country: Russia
Telephone number: +7 095 484 6010
Fax number: +7 095 485 0388
Website : www.lemz.ru

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