Organisation Overview

Effective as of 27 October 2010 Naviair is a company owned by the Danish State. 

With this reorganisation, Naviair is well prepared in a strained aviation business. With this company status, Naviair is strengthened when facing future challenges – not least related to the international alliances and cooperation’s, which Naviair is part of – and which is an important element in Naviair’s future strategy. 

With Swedish LFV, Naviair has established the subsidiary NUAC. In 2012 NUAC takes over the operation of en-route traffic in the Danish-Swedish Functional Airspace Block. 

Naviair is also partner in COOPANS (COOperation of Air Navigation Service Providers), where the objective is to harmonise procedures and standardise the ATM systems in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria and Croatia. 

Naviar’s Board of Directors is chaired by Mrs. Anne Birgitte Lundholt and Naviair CEO is Mr Morten Dambaek.

No. of Towers Operated: 7
No. of ACCs: 1
No. of Employees: 655
Total number of ATCOs: 302
Total number of operational ATCOs: 280

Membership type: Full Member
Managing director: Morten Dambaek
Head office: Naviair Alle 1 2770 Kastrup Denmark
Country: Denmark
Telephone number: +45 3247 8000
Fax number: +45 3247 8800
Website :

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