ICAO Quarterly Update

Quarter 1, 2018

In December, CANSO took part in ICAO's Second Global Air Navigation Industry Symposium (GANIS/2) and First Safety and Air Navigation Implementation Symposium (SANIS/1) in Montreal. CANSO took the opportunity to strengthen its profile and discuss CANSO's priorities within an important global forum. I am very grateful to those CANSO Members who also participated and supported CANSO.

CANSO spoke on a range of topics and shared its positions. With regard to UAS traffic management (UTM), CANSO highlighted the importance of interoperability and coordination. On commercial space operations, CANSO noted the importance of commercial operators having a safety management system (SMS) in accordance with ICAO Annex 19. In addition, during a session on civil/military cooperation, CANSO highlighted the need to coordinate, collaborate, and cooperate in sharing equipment, technology, and flexible airspace, utilising A-CDM processes. Indeed, the new ICAO Manual 10088, Civil-Military Cooperation, in which CANSO was a significant contributor, details the importance of fostering a greater understanding of each other's requirements. When targeting cyber threats or vulnerabilities, CANSO recommended that States should not only focus on technical solutions but also take into account the human factors.

All CANSO positions were well received and supported, and these will be further developed and presented to the ICAO 13th Air Navigation Conference (AN-Conf/13) in October 2018. In addition, CANSO has initiated discussions with ACI, IATA, ICCAIA, IFALPA and IFATCA regarding joining efforts to produce common industry papers for AN-Conf/13.

During ICAO's Second Global Runway Safety Symposium (GRSS2) held in Lima Peru in November, CANSO discussed the importance of Runway Safety Teams (RST) and the use of the airport collaborative decision-making (A-CDM) system for coordination. In addition, CANSO highlighted the CANSO Runway Incursions survey and the CANSO Runway Incursions microsite. During the seminar, ICAO launched the 2nd Global Runway Safety Action Plan that was developed together with the Runway Safety Programme Partners, of which CANSO is a member.

CANSO also attended the ICAO Separation and Airspace Safety Panel (SASP) that was held in Canberra, Australia. CANSO achieved a preliminary agreement on separation criteria for the use of space-based automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B), and there was agreement on the modelling needed to determine the separation criteria, to be ready before 2020.

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