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CANSO Operations Programme Manager, Kapri Kupper, reviews the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference 2016

31 March 2016

The CANSO 7th Global ATM Operations Conference was recently held in Madrid, Spain. The Conference brought together experts from around the world to participate in interactive sessions and discussions on contemporary topics and has become a key forum for sharing best practice, discussing new concepts with the aim of transforming global ATM performance.

CANSO Director General Jeff Poole opened the Operations Conference by acknowledging the expertise and commitment of Members to deliver valuable and useful products, which has contributed to CANSO becoming the go-to organisation for all ATM matters.

The theme of the conference “Shaping Future ATM” reflected CANSO’s commitment to addressing current operational challenges and opportunities, and also to remaining engaged and on the forefront in shaping emerging trends and technology. The interactive panel discussions covered a spectrum of topics which the Operations Standing Committee Workgroups are leading.

The session on ‘Emerging and Novel Entrants into Airspace’ discussed emerging entrants into “traditional” airspace, the expansion into the upper reaches of the stratosphere, and the necessity to examine how remotely piloted aircraft and balloons can safely co-exist with more traditional piloted aircraft in all levels of airspace.

A session on ‘Smart Towers: A Step-Change in ATM Provision’ examined some of the current implementations of smart technology and imagery in control towers, and explored what is expected in the coming years.

An engaging presentation on how the rapid development and use of remotely piloted aircraft systems in non-segregated airspace is challenging the worlds air navigation service providers to safely and efficiently integrate this new aviation entrant into existing airspace structures.

A performance based navigation (PBN) workshop explored a harmonised approach to PBN implementation, and the development of a coordinated CANSO PBN Vision document which will serve as a foundation in driving ANSP industry standards, avionics, and ATC support tools.

Other discussions showed how key performance indicators used in a data-driven management process can be essential for managing complex ATM systems and maximising efficiency; as well as how better aeronautical information is essential to an integrated, inter-operable, and flexible ATM system that enables ANSPs to safely handle more traffic in the same amount of airspace during the same amount of time.

The conference was well attended with ANSPs and industry experts from around the globe.

Finally, our thanks to JANS, who agreed to host the 2016 CANSO Operations Standing Committee Full Workgroup Meeting in Narita, Japan 25-28 October. We look forward to seeing you there!

To access the conference papers, presentations and photos, please visit the CANSO Events Page. The presentations are under the Downloads tab.



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