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#CANSOsafety2017: Global connections

7 November 2017

CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017

The long term value of the annual CANSO safety conference is bringing together dedicated individuals from across the world to share experiences, improve the safety maturity of air navigation service providers and help us deliver a safer industry. The passion for safety that I see at these conferences is energising and an important foundation in achieving a shared global safety performance.
This morning started with the formal opening of the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017 which was a great scene setter. We heard opening speeches from Airservices Australia’s CEO Jason Harfield, CANSO Director General Jeff Poole and, by video, CANSO Executive Committee Safety Champion Rudy Keller of NAV CANADA.  
The common theme of global connections was prominent throughout the day’s conversations.  As Jason said, we are living in a more connected industry where we see direct flights from Perth to London and space-based ADS-B being introduced. Disruption is occurring right now and we need to be assuring our safety performance throughout this exponential rate of change.  This fits perfectly with the conference theme - Creating a safer ATM future today – which is a real challenge for us all to safely manage the industry changes that are happening right now.
Today we talked best practice with safety professionals from across the world, sharing techniques that have helped them optimise safety maturity and improve safety performance. We heard about novel ideas in the areas of safety culture, safety reviews and safety intelligence.  We also talked about threat and error management and the important role it plays in safety risk management.
It was great to see so much experience and knowledge in the room, with some people having more than 30 years in the industry. As organisations and individuals we are all at different stages of our safety journey, but we all have things to learn from these global connections.

To view the full CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference programme click here, and watch for further blog updates.



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Rob Weaver, Executive General Manager Safety and Assurance, Airservices Australia and Chair, Asia Pacific Safety Workgroup, CANSO

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