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#CANSOsafety2017: How change can impact the safety of our industry

8 November 2017

CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017

Understanding how change can impact the safety of our industry is a key focus for the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017. Inviting industry representatives from new entrants to speak to the conference facilitates an understanding of these risks and helps us to look jointly for solutions.

Wednesday morning of the conference took a forward look at risks and disruptors to the ATM industry. Inmarsat VP Safety and Cyber Security, Joseph Teixeira, gave an insightful view on how the new European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rules for Air Traffic Service providers are proving helpful for new entrants. The rules make a distinction between ATS providers and organisations providing a safety support assessment, streamlining the regulatory process.

We had three fascinating safety speed chat sessions. Aireon briefed us on the safety and regulatory compliance issues associated with its ADS-B surveillance system. The FAA explained its approach to assessing and controlling the risks of space based operations, from both vertical and horizontal launched vehicles. Reece Clothier from the Association of Australian Unmanned Systems talked about Boeing Research's approach to assuring unmanned vehicles. The final part of new entrants session looked at the entirely different challenge that AEROTHAI face from bamboo rockets (Nang Fai) and floating lanterns (Khom Loy), both of which have the capacity to interact with commercial aircraft.

The CANSO Future Safety Development Workgroup presented its plan of action supporting Vision 2020. This includes: methods of documenting safety management system (SMS) best practices in a form useable by CANSO Members, developing ways of pricing safety risk to help make arguments for investment, finding complementary and objective ways of measuring risk and assuring that our safety management practices are fit for the future. We recognised that this small group needs to draw on expertise from both Full and Associate CANSO Members to deliver on these objectives.

Executive General Manager Safety and Assurance for Airservices Australia and Chair of the CANSO Asia Pacific Safety Working Group, Rob Weaver, moderated a discussion on ATM Safety in the Asia Pacific region. This was a great opportunity to share some of the 'safety journeys' in the region.

The MITRE Corporation Portfolio Manager, Chris Devlin, gave us a great insight to future Safety Performance Possibilities. MITRE has developed a tool using commercially and publically available aviation data sources, which enables ANSPs to compare their performance with other organisations effectively and opens the door to reviewing data at a much greater level of detail than today.

CANSO Safety Programme Manager, Kimberly Pyle, moderated the final session of the day on the collaboration between ICAO and CANSO. I am delighted that safety has proved to be a key driver for the collaborations between ANSPs and ICAO in both the Middle East and Africa regions. CANSO DG Jeff Poole remarked that these safety initiatives have also facilitated further improvements in the region.

To view the full CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference programme click here, and watch for further blog updates.



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David Harrison, Safety Director, NATS and Chair, CANSO Safety Standing Committee

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