#CANSOLac2017: New world, old friends and growth

6 December 2017

Cyriel Kronenburg, Vice President, Aviation Services, Aireon, at CANSO Latin American and Caribbean Conference 2017

While taking part in CANSO regional events it never ceases to amaze me how many old friends you meet while the world keeps developing at light speed.

After several years of attending regional events during my previous IATA tenure, the CANSO priorities of safety, efficiency, ATFM and supporting growth have never been more prominently on the agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

10 years ago there already was a desire to resolve a lot of these issues but the technology wasn't always available, the CANSO Membership wasn't there yet and many challenges were left unresolved.

We've come a long way, both in development of existing technology as well as new technology and sharing experience on how to get there.

It is good to see here today that CANSO plays an important role in bringing voices together as there is no single truth within one ANSP. Everyone has good ideas and application of technology for their airspace and we heard a lot of them during breaks and in sessions, however we can learn from each individual experience and apply them across the region where needed and where it makes sense.

The commitment that so many ANSP's and Associate Members make to this effort is critical and I am glad to see as an Associate Member but also as a member of the new CANSO Strategy and Integration Committee's (SISC) Steering Group.

CADENA, safety improvement ideas, new technology development or just stronger partnerships and friendship make for a good event here in Salvador.

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Cyriel Kronenburg Vice President, Aviation Services, Aireon

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