CAAS and EUROCONTROL partner to advance air traffic management in Singapore and Europe

6 February 2018

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) have signed a Cooperation Agreement (CA), establishing a partnership between the two organisations to advance air traffic management (ATM) in Singapore and Europe. The partnership will facilitate cooperation and exchange of knowledge in a range of ATM-related areas, including air traffic flow management, ATM research and development, and ATM training.

The agreement was signed by Mr Kevin Shum, Director-General of CAAS, and Mr Eamonn Brennan, Director General of EUROCONTROL, on the sidelines of the Singapore Airshow this week.

Mr Shum said, "As we celebrate brisk air traffic growth around the world, we also need to recognise the challenges such growth presents to air traffic managers. It is now more crucial than ever that we collaborate and innovate to find safer and more efficient ways to manage growing air traffic. In this regard, we are pleased to partner with EUROCONTROL to explore novel solutions to improve Singapore's and Europe's ATM capabilities."

Mr Brennan added, "Traffic between Europe and Asia is growing rapidly. As one of Asia's main hubs, Singapore is a key partner for EUROCONTROL and we look forward to working together on a range of activities in order to increase safety, efficiency and predictability of flows of traffic between our two continents."

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