Europe Quarterly Update

 Quarter 3, 2018


In May, the CANSO Europe Member CEOs met with the SESAR Joint Undertaking Executive Director, Florian Guillermet, to discuss the scope and objectives of a European Commission (EC) study on airspace architecture. The study will identify solutions enabling the defragmentation of European airspace. In July, CANSO attended a workshop to gather input from key stakeholders to help shape the outcome of the study.


With over 120 delegates representing CANSO in European advisory bodies (e.g. ICB, SESAR JU, EASA, EUROCONTROL), CANSO has developed a new Code of Conduct for CANSO delegates to clarify their responsibilities and improve their work in representing the interests of ANSPs.


CANSO continues to be closely involved in setting the regulatory framework of the SES Performance Scheme Reference Period 3 (RP3 2020-2024). CANSO holds regular meetings with the European Commission to discuss the Implementing Rules (Reg. 390/2013 and 391/2013) that regulate the Performance and Charging Scheme, and with the Performance Review Body (PRB), which advises the Commission on performance issues, to ensure performance targets set for RP3 remain realistic and achievable. In this respect, CANSO is developing a CANSO response to a recent PRB report on target ranges for RP3.


At a EC workshop on ADS-B implementation in July, CANSO reiterated the commitment of ANSPs to implement and use ADS-B as early as possible in European airspace; highlighted the importance of all aircraft being equipped; and stressed the need to address the accuracy problems of some transponders.


CANSO distributed a questionnaire that seeks Members’ views on implementing the EU Directive on security of network and information systems (NIS Directive). The objective is to assess of the overall application of the Directive and understand how CANSO can best support its Members.


Quarter 2, 2018

At the Europe CANSO CEO Committee (EC3) meeting in February the new EUROCONTROL Director General, Eamonn Brennan, presented the key pillars of his vision for EUROCONTROL. The EC3 expressed its full support to strengthen the collaboration between EUROCONTROL and CANSO. The Chair of the Performance Review Body (PRB), Prof. Dr Regula Dettling-Ott, also addressed the EC3 and presented the new PRB structure and working arrangements. The PRB Chair and the EC3 agreed to hold a joint PRB/CANSO Workshop on EU target setting for Reference Period 3.

The European Parliament has invited the European Commission to launch a pilot project on the Single European Sky (SES) airspace architecture. The SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) will ensure consistency with the objectives of the SESAR project, and CANSO is seeking close involvement in this study to provide inputs both at a technical and strategic level.

During an EASA rulemaking workshop in Cologne, CANSO joined the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination (ATCEUC) and EASA in establishing of a common understanding of the socio-economic impacts in EASA activities.

CANSO also actively contributed to the EASA proposals for technical and operational requirements for remote tower operations and UAS operations in the 'open' and 'specific' categories. These inputs will help to guide more constructive and performance-based regulations in these areas.


Quarter 1, 2018

After two years of discussions and negotiations, on 22 December, EU Council members endorsed an agreement with the European Parliament on revised common safety rules for civil aviation and a new remit for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). CANSO represented the voice of ATM throughout the negotiations between the European Commission, European Parliament and Council, providing tailored advice on sensitive ATM issues. CANSO generally supports the final agreement.

CANSO continues to influence the review of the regulatory framework of the SES Performance Scheme Reference Period 3 (RP3 - 2020-2024). CANSO has held regular meetings with the European Commission to discuss specific aspects of the Implementing Rules (Reg. 390/2013 and 391/2013) regulating the Performance and Charging Scheme. In addition, CANSO continues to influence the review of the EU Network Functions Implementing Regulation (Reg. 677/2011) defining the conditions for the designation of the Network Manager from 2020 onwards.

After an intensive year of CANSO work through the EUROCONTROL Air Navigation Services Board (ANSB) on stakeholder consultation and Agency budget, EUROCONTROL Members approved revised Terms of Reference for the Agency Advisory Board (AAB) and the ANSB at the Provisional Council (PC) meeting in December, thus improving the stakeholder consultation processes. The PC approved also the EUROCONTROL budget for 2018-2022, taking into account several ANSB recommendations.

CANSO has agreed to support in the Women in Transport initiative launched by the EU Commissioner for Mobility and Transport, Mrs. Violeta Bulc. It is aimed at strengthening women's employment and equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector.

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