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OSC Workgroups Seek Expertise from CANSO Members

1 August 2014

The Operations Standing Committee (OSC) provides air navigation service providers (ANSP) and industry experts with a mechanism to exchange information on operational and technical ATM best practices through its workgroups, subgroups and task forces, which continue to progress towards Vision 2020 deliverables. The cross-committee FIR Boundary Crossing Task Force (FIRBX) is assessing future flight plan (FPL) and current flight plan (CPL) filing, including issues with duplicate and multiple FPLs, and the integrity of the CPL and its successful inter-facility transfer. The FIRBX TF is working to deliver a best practice guide and or a Proposal for Amendment to existing ICAO SARPs that will increase efficiency, enhance safety, and improve operations when crossing FIR boundaries. This work will be completed by June, 2015. 

Goals set by ICAO for the publication of State PBN implementation plans and for implementation of PBN procedures have not been met, and so many operators, airports, and ANSPs are not receiving the full benefits of PBN. The PBN subgroup’s mission is to act as a CANSO focal point for all PBN matters and to support Members to achieve successful PBN implementation. To help with this goal of supporting PBN implementation for CANSO Members, the Optimised ATM Services’ PBN subgroup has called for nomination of regional champions trained in PBN implementation techniques and processes. 

The ASBU course “Methodology and Best Practices for Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Implementation” presents the methodology of building an effective business case and conducting the cost benefit analysis through the measurements of societal benefits. Both the 3-day and 5-day versions have received excellent marks from our students. 

The AIM Workgroup has a very demanding work programme that is structured around four key capability domains: influencing international policy and regulation, standardisation, service delivery and performance based information management. The CANSO AIMWG is focusing on: raising awareness on concerns relating to information management standards and global governance arrangements; advancing the development of a Fitness Check tool for AIM transition; and the development of competency-based resources for aeronautical information professionals. 

While the OSC workgroups have strong Member support, they each continue to seek valuable involvement and expertise from Members. I want to emphasise the importance of these OSC activities, and urge all Members to offer up suitable subject matter experts to support the activities of these groups. It is the work of these active CANSO Members that influence and deliver the outcomes. 

Remember, the CANSO OSC Full Workgroup meeting, hosted by Serco, will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21-24 October 2014. The primary focus of this meeting is to provide a venue for all Members of OSC workgroups to come together as one team; to progress work on current projects; and collaborate with other OSC workgroups. We hope to see all OSC workgroup members there.




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