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Oman inaugurates new Salalah Airport with Indra technology

30 June 2015

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) of Oman officially inaugurated the new Salalah Airport last Monday June 15. Indra has equipped it with its proprietary technology for air traffic management and airport operations management systems, as well provided its support for operations and design of operating procedures. 

The country's Public Authority for Civil Aviation has executed this ambitious project in collaboration with Indra, with the goal of transforming Salalah in the mid-term into the country's second most important international airport, after the Sultanate's capital, Muscat.

To achieve this objective, Indra has equipped the new approach center and new control tower of the airport with its advanced automated air traffic management system and its corresponding work stations for air traffic controllers. It has also implemented a meteorological information system that improves weather prediction capacity. All this technology makes it possible for the airport to grow and manage an increasing number of flights.

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