One week, four events, endless opportunities

22 March 2017

As the global ATM community continues to develop, responding to the issues of the day and harnessing opportunities both now and in the future, CANSO plays a critical role in bringing organisations and individuals together to listen, share, learn and innovate. And CANSO ATM Week (6-10 March) in Madrid provided the perfect setting to enable this to happen.

While I am definitely not new to World ATM Congress or the CANSO events which make up CANSO ATM Week, this was the first year I have experienced these from centre stage – quite literally at times – as one of the newest members of the CANSO team.

Our aim for the week was to ensure that CANSO Members and the wider ATM community gained a richer understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the ATM industry, and are better prepared for a future that will be very different from today.

We debated what the future of the ATM industry might look like and the approach CANSO could take at the CANSO CEO Strategy Summit, and explored even further some of the finer points of this changing ATM landscape, such as new entrants to airspace and new types of operations, during the Conference of  World ATM Congress, and finally the CANSO Global ATM Operations Conference. This provided unparalled insight and unique perspectives on the next chapter of ATM, the obstacles we will need to overcome, the opportunities that are unfolding before us and the technology and innovation that will support this.

The week highlighted some key areas where CANSO will play an important part – be that helping to create the momentum and right culture to facilitate change quickly and effectively, encouraging implementation of best practice for a more efficient and seamless airspace, providing expertise where needed and ultimately adding the right value in the right place at the right time.

In addition, our time in Madrid offered some great opportunities to catch up with old friends and make new connections – from the truly exquisite CANSO ATM Gala Dinner at the Casino de Madrid, to the bustling World ATM Congress Exhibition Hall. 

What CANSO ATM Week and World ATM Congress showed us was the true strength and diversity of the ever-growing ATM community and the positive appetite for change and innovation among individuals and organisations. What we need to do now is harness this energy and renewed commitment and build a better future.

So please play your part, take an active role in CANSO and what it has to offer, and be part of the future of air traffic management.

Please visit the CANSO ATM Week or World ATM Congress pages for more information, links to presentations and pictures.


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Simon Hocquard, Chief Operating Officer

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