Operations Quarterly Update

Quarter 1, 2017

The CANSO Air Traffic Flow Management Workgroup (ATFM WG) participated in the ICAO ATFM Seminar in
Dubai in December. CANSO is active in the ATFM domain, including involvement in the CANSO Air Traffic Flow
Management Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA), ICAO Manual on Collaborative Air Traffic Flow
Management DOC9971 Review Panel, and the Asia Pacific ICAO Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group
(APAC ICAO ATFM SG). The Workgroup agreed that a similar Middle East AFTM initiative should be created.

The Operations Standing Committee conducted a collaborative planning training for airlines overflying CADENA
Members’ airspace. CADENA Members conduct weekly live operational web conferences to outline real-time and
anticipated operational constraints and capacity. This training provided the necessary first step in bringing airlines
into the conversation and collaborative decision making during the CADENA operational planning conference calls.

The Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and Emerging Technologies Workgroup (RPAS/ET WG) has produced
a training module to provide ANSPs with a high-level overview of RPAS operations from an ANSP perspective.
The PowerPoint presentation is accompanied by a guide for instructors/speakers and includes information on the
operation of RPAS, unique terminology, contingency operations, and much more. To view the training and download,
visit ATM-Net.

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