Operations Quarterly Update

Quarter 1, 2019

The new Chair of the CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Chair  is Armin Beirle, Head of Langen ACC, DFS, which manages over 1,300,00 air traffic movements annually. I wish to thank the previous Chair, Brendan Kelly of NATS, who has stepped down after two years of leading the OSC.

As part of the recommendations of the CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) Full Workgroup Meetings 2018, a new UTM (Drone) Task Force (UTM TF) has been established. This task force will be concerned primarily with lower altitude drone integration. The RPAS and Emerging Technologies Workgroup will continue its work on higher altitude certificated drone/RPAS aircraft. The Co-Chairs of the new task force are Angela Kies, UAS/ UTM Development & Solutions, DFS, and Larry Ley, Director, Industry & Infrastructure Programs, Boeing. They and the 20 task force members will start their work with the RPAS/ET WG initially to identify focus areas and work plans. If you are interested in this aspect of CANSO activity, please get in touch.

A new workgroup Co-Chair was added to the rejuvenated Operational Performance Workgroup (OP WG). Mayesta Ewer, Head of Analytics at NATS, was closely involved in the CANSO OSC Full Workgroup Meetings 2018, and contributed greatly to the development of the OP WG’s Terms of Reference. 

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