Policy Quarterly Update 2015

Quarter Four, 2015

In support of the UK CAA initiative on performance-based regulation (PBR), CANSO continues to contribute to the PBR Industry Group to help implement the changes necessary, and participated in the second PBR Conference in October. PBR is central to the future plans of EASA and ICAO to further enhance aviation safety and improve the efficiency of regulation and oversight. It is also a key element in Better Regulation, one of the two Focus Areas of Vision 2020.

The Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) met in October to review the content and production of the 2015 Global ANS Performance Report, to be published in December in partnership with Helios. The report includes data from 34 reporting ANSPs, the highest number ever. While the report structure will remain consistent with last year’s report, a number of improvements have been made.

The GBWG is also developing new KPIs for frontline support staff and plans to separate productivity measures into en route and approach/tower components. GBWG is working to clarify definitions of the data to be collected. In addition, it is working to recognise the impact of VFR operations in the productivity measures.

The CANSO Human Resources Workgroup (HRWG) has produced its ATCO Remuneration and HR Matrix Report 2015, and a de-identified version is available to ANSPs here on Global ATM-net. Meanwhile, CANSO is working with ICAO on the rollout of the competency based training (CBT) manuals for ATCOs and ATSEPs, and HRWG representatives will attend the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Task Force and CBT Implementation Group meetings in Montreal in December 2015.

The ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG) will meet in December 2015, in Dubai. Apart from advancing the ASWG work programme activity, the meeting will include case studies in cyber security and will involve the participation of industry partners to learn about common security management issues. We encourage greater participation in the ASWG by Members from all regions.

The Business Excellence Workgroup (BEWG) has agreed final drafts of the Fitness Check Priorities and a paper on ‘Performance-driven ANSP Management’. To encourage increased coordination of their work activities, the HRWG and BEWG will hold their next meeting back-to-back – starting with a joint plenary session in January 2016 in Amsterdam.

The meeting will share examples on Customer/Stakeholder Relationship Management, Performance and Quality Management, conduct a brainstorming session on ‘Smart Regulation’ and agree the 2016 activity plan.


Quarter Three, 2015

The work programme of the Policy Standing Committee (PSC) is being reviewed in order to reinvigorate it and refocus it to ensure better delivery of the Vision 2020 objectives. We have recently called for nominations for a streamlined PSC Steering Committee.

We continue our advocacy to bring ATM security issues to the attention of the aviation industry and regulators, namely cyber-security in ATM, laser attacks on aviation, and RPAS security, based on the positions developed in the ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG). The CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide has been well received, and we participated in a Civil Aviation Cyber Security Conference in Singapore in July which stressed the importance of: awareness raising, education and the development of a cyber-security culture; information sharing and collaboration; a quick response and resiliency in dealing with a cyber-attack; and the preference for a regulatory framework that encourages the adoption of international standards and best practices.

Work with our industry partners on the commitments to the Civil Aviation Cyber Security Action Plan and roadmap is continuing. We will present a progress report and recommendations for States, industry and ICAO during the next ICAO Assembly in September 2016.

The Human Resources Workgroup (HRWG) has circulated a draft CANSO ATCO Remuneration and HR Metrics Report 2015 among the ANSPs that contributed data. The Report provides data on ATCO terms and conditions of employment for HR practitioners in the ANSP community. A de-identified version of the Report will also be made available in due course.

The HRWG is supporting the continued involvement of CANSO in the introduction of competency based training initiatives under the ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) programme.

The data submission process for the 2014 Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report is underway. We are committed to further building participation in this initiative and in developing the use of the data collected to give insight into industry trends, and as a tool for ANSPs to evaluate and improve their performance in support of the common goal of transforming global ATM performance. CANSO Director General Jeff Poole encourages all Full Members to participate in the Global Benchmarking programme and submit their performance data to CANSOsupport@askhelios.com by 28 August. Members are also encouraged to participate in the next meeting of the Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) on 7-9 October in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Business Excellence Workgroup (BEWG) has produced an overview of processes and tools that are used by highperforming ANSPs, and linked these to the CANSO Fitness Check to ensure that CANSO provides guidance material in those areas that are of most value to Members. The 2014 survey revealed the priorities of CANSO Full Members for the coming three years: safety management and safety culture; all areas of ‘performance based/driven management’; benchmarking to understand how to improve performance; innovation and business transformation; as well as risk management. A final review of the CANSO guidance paper on performance-driven ANSP management is currently underway and will be available in September.


Quarter Two, 2015

CANSO was invited by the UK CAA to join its Performance Based Regulation (PBR) Industry Group that will serve as a means to help implement the changes necessary to transform to a risk- and performance-based approach to regulation.

PBR is central to the future plans of EASA and ICAO to further enhance aviation safety and improve the efficiency of regulation and oversight, and a key element of CANSO’s Better Regulation Focus Area. During its first quarterly meeting the PBR Industry Group considered the expected benefits and disadvantages of PBR, the opportunities to improve safety, and the skills, knowledge and mind-set required.

At the ICAO Aviation Security (AVSEC) Panel, we committed to provide a status report (with ACI, IATA and ICCAIA) on the Civil Aviation Cyber Security Action Plan with recommendations for industry, States and ICAO. We also presented papers to the AVSEC Panel highlighting the work of CANSO on cyber security and raised concerns over laser attacks on aviation and security of RPAS operations. All papers were positively received by the Panel.

The Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) plans to collect additional data elements and include new metrics such as on ATM capacity and efficiency in this year’s Global ANS Performance Report. Data submission for the 2015 Report will open on 1 June.

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