Policy Quarterly Updates 2014

Quarter Four, 2014

The Steering Committee of the Policy Standing Committee (PSC) is presently reviewing the PSC work programme to ensure better focus on the key policy and regulatory issues, including the Better Regulation initiative under Vision 2020 and some key HR issues under the HR Workgroup. Further on this in the next DG Report to Member CEOs.

You will recall that the CANSO AGM was provided with a good overview of the work of the ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG), particularly guidance on cyber security risk assessment and mitigation. Jeff Poole, CANSO Director General, was able to highlight this work during AVSEC World in Washington at the end of October. The ASWG has since established a task group to investigate and test ADS-B security vulnerabilities and will report its findings at the ASWG meeting in Rome in November.

We are very encouraged by the excellent partnership we have developed with Helios to deliver benchmarking services and a completely new and value-added annual Global ANS Performance Report, to be released in mid December. Some 30 Members participated, matching the highest participation levels we have ever had, representing 41 percent of Members. This year's Report was reviewed during the October meeting of the Global Benchmarking Workgroup (GBWG) and future enhancements were considered. These should include the performance areas of safety, environment, ATM operations, and HR management, as well as the qualitative performance issues highlighted by the Fitness Check. We are addressing the concerns of some European Members regarding the relationship between this activity and the reporting requirements of the Performance Review Commission.

The Business Excellence Workgroup (BEWG) is presently preparing for a workshop meeting on 15 and 16 December to confirm its 2014 deliverables and to agree those for 2015.


Quarter Three, 2014

We have been developing our thinking on how best to achieve our goal of better regulation by States. One important theme is our desire for performance based regulation and Jeff Poole, CANSO Director General, has spoken on this theme at various conferences and meetings including at the CAA's Performance Based Regulation Symposium in May, at which Jeff Poole gave a perspective on the applicability of performance-based regulation (PBR) for the ATM industry. Poole called for a regulatory approach that emphasises what must actually be achieved, focusing on agreed, measurable outcomes and placing more of the responsibility and accountability with the service provider in how the performance requirements would be met. Poole cautioned that, while PBR might be appropriate for those States that already have a well-established regulatory regime, a more incremental approach would be wiser for those States with less mature oversight capabilities.

Performance based regulation has the potential to transform the way that ANSPs run their operations and how States oversee those operations. It would result in a complete change in mind-set, ensuring all players focus on measurable outcomes rather than prescriptive inputs and micro-management by States. It could lead to a paradigm shift, enabling the industry to take a step closer towards the goal of transforming ATM performance and delivering seamless airspace globally; improving efficiency and driving down costs, while enhancing safety and efficiency.

On security, We are happy with the good and early progress made by the ATM Security Workgroup (ASWG) since its establishment in December. In supporting CANSO's leadership role in addressing cyber threats to our industry, it has delivered the CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide. With an increasing focus on the threat of cyber attacks on ATM systems and how best to address and mitigate the risks, this CANSO Guide is a timely contribution towards improving cyber security across the ATM industry. It provides CANSO Members with an introduction to cyber security in ATM. It includes an overview of the cyber threats and risks and motives of threat actors; some considerations for managing cyber risks; and suggestions for implementing a cyber security programme. The appendices include information on standards; a framework for cyber security; and some practical guidance to conducting a cyber risk assessment – a recommended first step to understanding and managing the cyber security risks to systems, assets, data and capabilities in ATM.

The AGM provided a good overview of the work being performed by the ASWG, and we encourage all Members to consider nominating experts to this important Workgroup.

With regard to benchmarking, we would like to take this occasion to remind you that the data submission process for the 2014 CANSO Global ANS Performance Report is underway. Performance measurement is an important core activity for CANSO, supporting Vision 2020 and the strategic objective of transforming global ATM performance. This year marks the first of our partnership with Helios and we are looking forward to a more stream-lined and focused product that we believe will provide much greater value to participating Members. Please ensure that your organisation completes and returns the relevant data submission forms to Helios (via CANSOsupport@askhelios.com) by Friday 29 August 2014.

Helios will also host the Global Benchmarking Workgroup meeting 8-10 October in its offices in Farnborough, UK. We hope that this meeting will provide a good platform for members to contribute to the development and improvement of the Report, so we encourage attendance please by Full Members. Please confirm attendance by 15 September and/ or request further information at CANSOsupport@askhelios.com


Quarter Two, 2014

Cyber Security: CANSO's newly-established ATM Security Workgroup held its first meeting in March in Madrid, and is already well on its way to delivering a CANSO Cyber Security and Risk Assessment Guide, which we aim to release before the CANSO AGM. We have compiled a lot of documentation and information on cyber security in ATM, and are supporting collaborative approaches to information sharing and cyber threat response with our partners ACI, ICCAIA, and IATA through an Industry High-level Group with ICAO.

Benchmarking: We have now opened the data submission process for the 2014 CANSO Global ANS Performance Report, marking the start of our new partnership arrangement with Helios to deliver benchmarking services. Please ensure that your organisation completes and returns to Helios the relevant data submission forms by Friday 29 August 2014.

This year’s report will be streamlined to focus on the key messages and trends for our industry. We aim through greater emphasis on data analysis to maximise the value of the report to Members and contribute in a meaningful way to the positive evolution of the global ANS market. I look forward to a growing commitment of Members to this important activity and to the further development of this valuable tool that supports the transformation of global ATM performance.

The first new and improved, value-added CANSO Global ANS Performance Report for 2013 will be released at the end of this year.


Quarter One, 2014

As you will be aware, responses from Full Members for the 2013/14 CANSO Fitness Check Survey are due no later than 31 January. If your organisation has not yet submitted a response, please do so as soon as possible. Feedback is critical to enable CANSO to provide maximum benefit to its Members through the development of CANSO goals and programmes/initiatives that best reflect how you want CANSO to represents the needs of ANSPs and the wider ATM industry. We shall be presenting the initial results from the Survey during the CANSO CEO Conference on 3 March.

We are launching the CANSO Global Air Navigation Services Performance Report 2013 very shortly. Performance measurement and benchmarking is an important core activity for CANSO, and supports our strategic objective of transforming global ATM performance. The annual Performance Report provides vital information on the economic performance of participating ANSPs. However, the present process for producing the Report relies on the volunteer efforts of a few Member ANSPs and is no longer sustainable. There is also a need to further enhance the Report to provide greater value-added content and insight into performance issues, and to increase the participation of CANSO Members. Following a detailed request for proposal process, we are now close to concluding an agreement with Helios to carry out the data collection, analysis and reporting activity on behalf of CANSO. Further details will be announced in the near future, no later than the CANSO CEO Conference.

CANSO recently established the ATM Security Workgroup, which has already developed a draft threat assessment methodology to assist ANSPs in their threat response strategies. The ASWG will meet for the first time on 2nd March in Madrid to determine the scope of its ATM security work programme, deliverables and timescales. This will be used to ensure that we contribute effectively to the ICAO Aviation Security Panel, which has been doing work on new and emerging threats to civil aviation, including cyber threats, and has identified ATM as an area that requires specific attention.


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