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CANSO Work Programmes

CANSO’s work is broadly divided into the three areas of safety, operations and strategy and integration. The work in each of these areas is lead and supported by a standing committee, whose task is to deliver policy and set standards on behalf of Members. They bring together global experts from across CANSO’s Members to address issues of common interest; to share experience for the promotion of best practice; and to develop specific policies across a broad spectrum of issues.

The standing committees are supported by a number of workgroups, dealing with different subject matters.  From time to time, ad hoc bodies or task forces are established to examine specific issues and make recommendations.
In addition, CANSO represents the interests of its Member ANSPs at the International Civil Aviation Organization on safety, operations and a variety of strategic policy and regulatory issues affecting ATM.

Safety is CANSO’s number one priority. The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) oversees CANSO’s safety programme and aims to: continually improve safety performance in ATM operations; further enhance safety management and culture among CANSO Members; and provide global leadership on safety management issues. CANSO’s safety programme helps ANSPs improve safety through elements such as safety management systems, best practices and benchmarking.

The CANSO Operations Standing Committee (OSC) provides leadership on ATM operational issues and facilitates the promotion and exchange of industry best practice in operations and technical areas. It provides operational leadership in the implementation of ATM improvements and identifies future technologies and procedures that will help transform global ATM performance.

Strategy and Integration 
CANSO’s Strategy and Integration Standing Committee (SISC) develops common positions on key issues affecting the ATM industry, particularly the goal of safe, efficient and seamless airspace globally. It cooperates with industry partners and ensures CANSO’s views are effectively communicated to key decision makers, including regulators and governments. It also creates tools and guidance materials in governance and management, to help ANSPs become more customer-focused, better performing organisations.

CANSO has official ‘observer status’ at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which enables it to be the global voice of air traffic management at the international body that determines the institutional and regulatory framework for air navigation service provision. CANSO’s primary role is to influence the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), procedures, policies and other guidance material that States will use to meet their obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).


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