Régies des Voies Aériennes S.A. (RVA)

Organisation overview

Régie des Voies Aériennes (RVA) is the national air navigation service provider of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the second largest African country (2,345,000 square kilometers), with one of the most important traffic corridors north-south, east-west and vice versa.

DRC has implemented an extensive program of automation of air traffic management and surveillance of its airspace by ADS-B with 16 stations. Air-ground communications are based on a VSAT network of 18 remote VHF stations. Ground-to-ground communications are provided by AMHS aeronautical messaging.

As an ANSP, RVA is responsible for the management of the national airspace as well as air traffic. Kinshasa FIR is composed of 3 sectors in which are performed the regional control, namely Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kisangani sectors. The Kinshasa FIR also includes 7 terminal control areas (TMAs).

DRC's airspace is marked by a large network of domestic and international RNAV and non-RNAV routes, namely: 20 RNAV routes, 29 international ATS routes, 17 national ATS routes, 32 national ATS routes.

RVA currently employs more than 140 air traffic controllers (ATCOs) trained in several internationally renowned schools and experienced technicians to provide all its users with quality and secure services. A large capacity-building action for aeronautical professions and a large organizational transformation program is underway.

Membership type: Full Member
Executive Director and Deputy CEO: Mr. Eddy Kioni Kuyengula
Head office:

Av. Aerodrome no. 548 P.O. Box 4574 Kinshasa, KIN31

Country: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Telephone number: +243 815 456 929
Fax number: n/a
Website : www.rva.cd

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