Remarks of CANSO Deputy Director General, Simon Hocquard, at the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2018

27 November 2018

During his remarks at the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2018, Simon Hocquard, Deputy Director General, CANSO outlined current challenges and opportunities for the ATM safety community.

Strong growth in global air traffic and evolving airspace users, now including unmanned aerial systems, high altitude and space vehicles, are challenging the ATM industry Hocquard explained. As such, it needs to find ways of safely managing capacity and integrating new entrants.

Transformative technology such as automation, artificial intelligence and space-based surveillance can help to manage airspace more efficiently, providing a clearer picture of operations and the safety data needed to effectively monitor and measur safety performnce.

With new technology also comes challenges, and the ATM industry must recognise the importance of cyber-security as a key feature of safe operations he added. From protecting our data to exchanging information regarding threats, vulnerabilities and solutions, the industry must work together to safeguard its operations in the digital sphere.

The role of the human also becomes even more important in this new age, so it is important to ensure a strong focus on human performance management. CANSO is therefore developing a Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management to help ANSPs manage this transition and improve human performance. The Standard of Excellence and its implementation will be discussed in more detail this week and will be launched in 2019.




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