Remarks of CANSO DG, Jeff Poole, at the CANSO Asia-Pacific Conference

8 May 2014

In his speech to the CANSO Asia-Pacific Conference, CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, outlined the importance of aviation to the economies of the Asia-Pacific region, using examples from the new Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) report “Aviation: Benefits Beyond Borders”. With passenger numbers set to triple by 2030, he said that the future prosperity of the region will depend on its ability to handle the projected traffic growth. CANSO’s Vision 2020 aims to enable such growth through the transformation of global ATM performance to achieve a globally harmonised and interoperable air navigation system capable of delivering a safe, efficient and seamless service. 

Poole said that CANSO’s efforts in the region to support the achievement of the Vision are focused on the implementation of ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUs) and in particular on ADS-B collaboration; air traffic flow management; collaborative decision making (CDM) and en-route performance-based navigation (PBN) harmonisation. 

Poole concluded by making three important requests to States: enact better regulation based on outputs; allow ANSPs to operate like normal businesses; and work with each other to break down the barriers to global harmonisation. Only by working closely together across the industry and with States would seamless airspace globally and the transformation of ATM performance be achieved. 




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