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Remarks of CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, to the High-level Panel on Cyber Security in Dublin

26 October 2015

In his speech to the Aviation Security (AVSEC) World Conference in Dublin, Ireland, on 26 October 2015, CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, outlined a twin-track approach to defending the ATM industry as well as aviation in general from cyber-attack: first, working with industry partners to agree an overall approach and strategy to counter the threat; and second, ensuring that each partner takes responsibility for implementing and tailoring that approach to its particular part of the aviation industry.

He said it was vital all parts of the industry share intelligence about threats and risks in a secure and confidential manner. And, through ICAO we need to encourage the adoption of international standards and industry best practices and help build the trust networks and information sharing mechanisms so that all stakeholders can have real confidence in the security of the global aviation system.




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