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Remarks of CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, at the ICAO World Aviation Forum in Montreal on 23 November 2015

24 November 2015

Speaking at the ICAO World Aviation Forum in Montreal on 23 November 2015 CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, outlined how the work of CANSO and the air traffic management (ATM) industry supports the Sustainable Development Goals. He emphasised the direct link between the connectivity provided by aviation and GDP growth. Poole said that air traffic management is the enabler of aviation connectivity and development. But to cater for the growth in demand States need to invest in ATM infrastructure and modernise air navigation services provision.

Air navigation services often have to compete with other demands on governments such as education, health care, security and defence. One solution is to allow ANSPs to operate more autonomously as a corporatised or privatised entity that is self-funding through user charges; and with the ability to obtain their own financing – just like a normal business. ANSPs should be allowed to operate as normal businesses with a focus on the customer and on performance in service delivery.

ICAO's Aviation System Block Upgrades methodology is a particularly important catalyst for States to modernise their air navigation services and transform ATM performance. For its part, the industry is exploiting the opportunities offered by new technologies and system upgrades to transform ATM performance globally. This is being achieved through CANSO's strategic plan for the ATM industry, Vision 2020, which lays out clear steps that the industry is taking to achieve this transformation.

Poole concluded by saying that with the strong support of States, as well as industry partners, we can improve aviation efficiency and cater for the expected increase in air traffic to fully realise the economic and social benefits of aviation worldwide.


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