Remarks of Jeff Poole at the IATA Operations Conference 2014

28 November 2013

CANSO Director General, Jeff Poole, laid out CANSO’s Vision for transforming ATM performance and highlighted what CANSO and the ATM industry was doing to help airlines and its industry partners to achieve seamless airspace globally. He illustrated his speech with examples of the work CANSO was doing to implement ICAO’s Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBUS), Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), and ADS-B. 

He said that collaboration is now in the DNA of the ATM industry and Collaborative Decision-Making is a powerful example of all elements of the value chain collaborating to improve ATM system performance by sharing data and information to improve communication among all stakeholders on the ground for coordinated actions. 

He also touched on a number of major challenges to achieving seamless airspace along with CANSO’s prescriptions for solving them. These included the problems arising when an aircraft crosses from one Flight Information Region (FIR) to another; and Service Priority, the issue of how we introduce new technology in ATM and realise operational improvements. 

Poole concluded by giving a firm commitment to continue to work in partnership with IATA and other stakeholders to deliver on its commitments through the Vision 2020 strategic framework and the associated and detailed CANSO Work Plan to achieve safe, cost-effective, efficient and harmonised airspace. 


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