ROMATSA is Implementing the Night Free Route Operations Within the Airspace of LRBB FIR

14 November 2013

Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration - ROMATSA is implementing the Night Free Route Operations within the Airspace of LRBB FIR starting with 14th of November 2013. This is one of many tasks for providing more efficient ATS in Bucharest FIR assigned by State of Romania. 

Night FRA implementation is a project coordinated at international level through ICAO EUR/NAT Office and EUROCONTROL in accordance with the provisions in ICAO Annex 11 and the European Network Improvement Plan- ERNIP coordinated at European Network Manager Level.

The implementation of Night FRA is in-line with the implementation of the Free Route Concept at European level and represents a first step towards implementation of FRA in Bucharest FIR. 

General principles of Free Route Airspace operation in LRBB FIR: 

  • horizontal and vertical limits of the implementation area:
  • horizontal boundaries of Bucharest FIR in their full extent as published in AIP Romania
  • vertical limits are from FL105 to FL660
  • class of airspace:
  • N-FRA will be implemented in Class C airspace, with the exception of TMA areas
  • FRA Operating hours
  • Free Route Airspace will be available from 2300 to 0400 UTC during the winter time period and from 2200 to 0300 UTC during the summer time period
  • planning aspects
  • AO may plan any combination of DCT routeing between FIR significant points and/or en-route radio navigation aids published in AIP Romania, without reference to the published ATS route network. The ATS route network is still remaining available during FRA operations
  • the access from/to TMA/CTR areas will be available through the fixed ATS route network, using dedicated connection points as published in AIP Romania.

ATS worldwide is in continuous development in the context of improving safety and efficiency, challenging for keeping a clean air while the traffic is in continuous growing. 

For the summer season of 2014, according to EUROCONTROL STATFOR forecast, a number of about 250 flights will be operating daily between 22:00 – 03:00 UTC. The estimated benefits for the airspace users and environment protection are per DAY as follows: 

  • distance saving: 728.72 NM
  • time saving: 108.42 min
  • fuel saving: 5,754.97 kg
  • CO2 emission reduction: 18.07 tones.


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