Saab selected to provide airport collaborative decision making solution for Hong Kong International Airport

16 March 2016

Defence and security company Saab announces that it has been selected by Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to provide a turnkey Aerobahn Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) solution.

Saab will deploy its Aerobahn CDM Platform, including its A-CDM Milestone Manager and Pre-departure Sequencer, and supply support and maintenance services to ensure program success. The CDM platform will optimize the efficiency in the airport and it also allows for customizations to suit HKIA’s local needs. The solution conforms to EUROCONTROL A-CDM implementation guidelines.

The Aerobahn A-CDM Milestone Manager is a foundational component for implementing Airport Collaborative Decision Making. It provides information sharing and milestone tracking capabilities in line with the governance organisations EUROCONTROL, ETSI, EUROCAE, and ICAO ASBU recommendations. The Aerobahn A-CDM Milestone Manager links arrival and departure flight information together, and incorporates real-time progress updates in accordance with the business standard 16 A-CDM milestones. The Aerobahn A-CDM Milestone Manager is unique in that the set of milestones and the way they are evaluated and defined are customizable so that they can be adapted to local needs.

“Saab’s Aerobahn CDM Suite enables customers to incrementally implement A-CDM all the way through to advanced levels and we are looking forward to a partnership with all relevant stakeholders at the airport. This award is further confirmation of Aerobahn’s power and flexibility since Saab has been chosen in a fiercely competitive market,” says Anders Carp, Head of Saab Traffic Management.

Saab’s Aerobahn CDM Suite consists of a modular set of applications built on a common software platform. It is the most mature and widely deployed CDM platform in the world, has been in production for over 12 years, and is currently deployed at 27 of the world’s busiest airports.

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