Safety is CANSO’s number one priority. Air traffic management (ATM) faces many challenges including: increasing traffic demand; the implementation of new technology; the growth in unmanned aircraft; increasing automation; and others. The ATM industry must address these while maintaining and improving safety. 

The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) oversees CANSO’s Safety Programme and aims to: continually improve safety performance in air traffic management (ATM) operations; further enhance safety management and culture among CANSO Members; and provide global leadership on safety management issues. CANSO’s safety work programme helps ANSPs improve safety through elements such as safety management systems, best practices and benchmarking.

The objectives of the SSC are to:

  • Provide Members with a mechanism to exchange information and best practices to improve their safety management system (SMS) and overall safety performance
  • Establish common CANSO positions on a broad range of safety issues
  • Represent the safety interests of CANSO Members to governmental and other bodies
  • Identify CANSO safety goals and develop products and initiatives in support of those goals

 CANSO provides advice to ANSPs on complying with existing or proposed regulations. To improve the way that ANSPs identify risks and manage safety, CANSO has produced guidance to standardise risk evaluations and assessments conducted by ANSPs. It also provides guidance and advice to ANSPs on developing their safety management system that is fully aligned with ICAO’s industry wide annex on safety management (Annex 19). 

Collaboration with industry partners is essential to improving safety performance. CANSO cooperates with ICAO to exchange safety information as well as on a whole range of safety issues; with partners across the industry to develop, launch and implement the CANSO runway safety initiative to reduce unstable approaches and runway excursions; and with other stakeholders to develop guidelines on ensuring a just culture whereby ANSP staff can report potential incidents without fear of repercussions. 

The SSC reports to the CANSO Executive Committee and the Executive Committee Safety Champion. It is led by an elected Chair, supported by a Vice Chair and Steering Committee. The CANSO Safety Programme Manager supports the work of the SSC and is responsible for ensuring the delivery of the safety programme’s goals and initiatives. The SSC has three workgroups that cover: the implementation of current safety management system (SMS) methodology and best practice; the development of future SMSs that address issues including automation; and safety performance measurement.  



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