Safety Quarterly Update 2018

Quarter 4, 2018

In August, ATNS hosted a week-long CANSO Just Culture safety workshop on air traffic system incident analysis, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The CANSO Safety Programme Manager and experts from the FAA delivered the course to representatives from a variety of African ANSPs.

The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) Steering Committee has welcomed its first Associate Members, Helios and Aireon. Including these representatives brings a broader industry perspective on ATM issues and increases the knowledge and expertise from this segment of CANSO membership.

In September, CANSO delivered a successful two-day drone safety workshop, as part of the CANSO Africa Conference 2018. Senior safety experts from the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), NAV CANADA, and Altitude Angel shared their approaches to managing drones to an audience of more than 100 participants from across Africa.

In partnership with ACI, CANSO launched a limited trial of the ACI / CANSO Runway Safety Survey in September. The survey helps ANSPs to assess their level of runway safety preparedness and increases their knowledge on the factors to consider in improving runway safety. The results of the ACI / CANSO Runway Safety Survey will be presented at the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2018 (see Events section for details).

Quarter 3, 2018

In May 2018, the Safety Standing Committee (SSC) launched the EUROCONTROL/CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems 2018 Maturity Measurement Questionnaire and the annual CANSO Safety Standing Committee Call for Safety Performance Benchmarking Data. These help ANSPs to measure their SMS maturity levels against international standards for safety management and identify opportunities for improvement. ANSP Members can also sign Data Identification Agreements to share identified information in closed sessions with other ANSPs, which allows for better comparative analysis.

The Safety Standing Committee (SSC) is overseeing the development of a new CANSO Cyber-Security Workgroup, for which the Chair of the SSC is now working on establishing the initial scope and focus.

In June, CANSO conducted a SEANS-Safety assessment for AEROTHAI and the first remote Safety Management System (SMS) Maturity assessment for PNG Air Services Limited (PNGASL). Remote assessments can be done for remote or conflict zone areas where travel is difficult and can also significantly reduce the overall cost of a SEANS-Safety assessment. In order to make remote assessments effective, ANSPs must complete the CANSO/EUROCONTROL Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems Maturity Measurement Questionnaire in advance and ensure that a knowledgeable representative (Safety Director or equivalent) is on site to work with the SEANS-Safety assessor. For more information or to book an assessment, please get in touch.

In July, NAV CANADA hosted a meeting with the SSC Chair, Vice Chair, and Safety Programme Manager, to develop the programme for the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2018 in Banff, Canada from 26-30 November. The conference will explore new ideas for measuring risk, best practices in safety management, and a new CANSO Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management. Find out more within the events calendar.

Quarter 2, 2018

In February, CANSO representatives participated in the ICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) Study Group in Montreal, helping to write the next version of the GASP 2020–2022. This edition recognises the importance of safety risk analysis at national and regional levels and incorporates CANSO guidance material.

In March, the Safety Standing Committee (SSC) completed the annual CANSO Identified Safety Performance Measurement Benchmarking Report, which provides a high-level overview of ANSP performance in the areas of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)-IFR losses of separation (LOS), runway incursions (RIs) and SMS maturity. The report is available only to CANSO Member ANSPs that contributed safety data and signed a confidentiality agreement. The next call for data will come out on 2 May, and I encourage all CANSO Member ANSPs to participate in order to gain access to this valuable safety information.

CANSO also published the EUROCONTROL/CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems 2017 Measurement Overall Status of ANSPs, which presents the findings of the 2017 survey results. The measurements help establish a global level for safety, based on the highest standards, as used in places such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa. Developed in collaboration with EUROCONTROL, the survey provides information to ANSPs that enables them to maintain and improve their SMS.

In April, the Safety Standing Committee Collaborative Safety Workgroup Meetings took place in Rome, Italy, hosted by ENAV S.p.A. Members made significant progress on the new Standard of Excellence in Human Performance Management (HPM), completing 10 or the 12 elements outlined in the standard. The Human Performance Management Task Force is developing the standard to assist ANSPs transition to a more automated system.

The SEANS-Safety programme continues to grow. Assessments were completed with COCESNA (in Guatemala) and ATNS (in South Africa), and both assessments were well received. ATNS was of particular interest to the programme as it was the second assessment undertaken with ATNS and demonstrated that the concept of the SEANS-Safety Improvement Action Plan is an effective tool.

Quarter 1, 2018

In November, CANSO held the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017 in Sydney, Australia, hosted by Airservices. The conference included presentations on global best practices, and the challenges associated with new entrants, remote towers, and automation. Participants committed to exploring safety management systems (SMS) for new entrants; researching new measures for predictive safety, operational risk and positive safety performance; and continuing the annual CANSO safety performance benchmarking efforts.

During the Safety Conference, the annual CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award was presented to the Air Traffic Management Division and Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong. The organisation was commended for commissioning a new air traffic management system in Hong Kong and further enhancing air navigation safety and efficiency in the Hong Kong Flight Information Region (HKFIR).

Safety played a key role in the CANSO Latin America and Caribbean Conference 2017 in Brazil in December, including a full day workshop on the CANSO SEANS-Safety initiative. This resulted in commitments for assessments from COCESNA (for Guatemala and Honduras) and EANA. The assessment in Guatemala is complete with dates being negotiated for the next assessments. A number of Associate Members also expressed interest in participating in the SEANS-Safety initiative.

Following this, CANSO presented a joint session on operational safety culture at the Safety Management Summit Brazil 2017, in Rio.

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