Safety Quarterly Updates 2014

Quarter Four, 2014

Some 46 Safety Standing Committee (SSC) members have completed the 2014 EUROCONTROL/CANSO Standard of Excellence (SoE) in Safety Management Systems (SMS) Maturity Survey; and 40 submitted 2013 performance data on IFR-IFR losses of separation and runway incursions for inclusion in the CANSO Safety Performance Benchmarking Report. The Safety Performance Measurement Workgroup is conducting a trial of a new SMS Maturity Survey based on the CANSO SoE in SMS. It is continuing its efforts to develop safety performance indicators for just culture, runway safety maturity and runway excursions.

The Future SMS Development Workgroup is revising the SMS Implementation Guide in line with the new SoE, focusing on areas such as: use of common safety methodology codes of practice; use of similar reference systems; human factors in investigations; safety by design; and the barrier-based risk model.

At the CANSO Africa Conference and the CANSO- ICAO Runway Safety Seminar, in October, the SSC continued to provide hands-on leadership and support for safety improvement by conducting a full-day safety risk management training seminar and by facilitating the Runway Safety Seminar.

Preparations are underway for CANSO’s participation in the High-level Safety Conference to be held at ICAO from 2 to 5 February 2014, which will provide an opportunity to showcase our work on safety metrics and stress the importance of a safety culture that embodies the principles of just culture to improving safety performance in ATM. This important event will also discuss how the Global Aviation Safety Plan can be further enhanced to provide a clear roadmap for States and industry to achieve demonstrable safety improvements.


Quarter Three, 2014

At the CANSO Safety Standing Committee (SSC) Collaborative Workgroup meetings held in May in Langen, Germany, the SSC provided guidance, leadership and support to the three workgroups. The Safety Culture Network WG focused on improving safety culture through sharing best practice. It promotes the CANSO Safety Culture Surveys, by reaching out to Members requiring support in promoting a safety culture in their organisation. The Future SMS WG continued its discussions and work in the areas of Magnitude of Change, Codes of Practice, Reference Systems, Human Factors, Safety by Design and Barrier Model. The Safety Performance Measurement WG is focusing on issues including gathering and analysing data: on IFR-IFR losses of separation; runway incursions and excursions; and SMS maturity. It is developing safety performance indicators for just culture, runway safety maturity and runway excursions.

Surveys play a vital role in measuring performance. I wish to thank those Members who returned the survey for the EUROCONTROL/CANSO SMS Standard of Excellence (SoE) Measurement. If you have not yet done so, please submit your 2013 safety performance data for the CANSO Safety Performance Benchmarking Report as soon as possible. The results of the questionnaires will be followed by interviews and final reports will be completed later this year.

Two important safety publications have been published recently:

  • Guidelines on Just Culture provides guidance to CANSO Members on fostering a just culture. CANSO Members are committed to maintaining and, where possible, improving safety. To achieve this, we recognise staff safety reports as one of the most valuable sources of information for learning safety lessons. To receive as many reports as possible, organisations must foster a culture in which staff feel secure that the organisation will treat them justly and fairly when they do report. This fairness must extend to circumstances where staff may feel concern that their report could implicate themselves because of their actions. This document outlines recommended principles and responsibilities to be undertaken by both employees and the organisation.
  • CANSO Europe Strategy for the Future of Safety in ATM sets out the need for change in the way we think about safety if we are to continue to strive for and deliver the very highest standards of safety. Our approach on safety must evolve to become more sensitive, anticipative and intelligent. The strategy outlines four themes to meet the challenges of the future:
    • Safety intelligence – learning from what is going right rather than what went wrong; and developing new ways of measuring everyday performance.
    • People create safety – guarding against complacency because of ATM's excellent safety record; and embedding safety into all parts of the organisation.
    • Tailored and proportionate – tailoring safety systems to take account of automation, the complexity of future systems and the increasing levels of connectivity across ATM systems; and integrating safety into how we undertake projects or introduce new procedures.
    • Challenging and learning – continually striving for better, safer, more efficient levels of performance by challenging ourselves; and ensuring we are at the forefront of safety management and safety innovation.

The Safety Standing Committee is putting together a stimulating, informative agenda for the 2014 Global ATM Safety Conference that reflects the interests and priorities expressed at last year's conference and the work that has since been accomplished. The conference is scheduled for 26-30 October, hosted by CARC in Amman, Jordan. CARC has done a wonderful job in securing a beautiful location, the Mövenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea. If you would like to attend this conference please go to


Quarter Two, 2014

On Safety, we are surveying Members on the implementation of the runway safety toolkit with results expected in May. We conducted workshops in Jordan, focusing on safety culture; and in Uganda, focusing on risk management. In February, we launched two publications: CANSO Standard: Common Safety Method on Risk Evaluation and Assessment for ANSPs and CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems which give ANSPs guidance on managing risk in a standard way and also on enhancing their safety management.


Quarter One, 2014

The Annual CANSO Safety Conference held in November was a big success. Vision 2020 was the priority with a strong focus on value to Members and partnership. A three year safety work plan will be published in February and will outline how the Safety Standing Committee (SSC) will contribute to meeting the Vision 2020 objectives.

CANSO will very shortly be launching formally two documents which have been produced by the SSC: Revised CANSO Safety Management Systems (SMS) Standard of Excellence which aligns to ICAO's Annex 19, and the CANSO Standard on Common Safety Methodologies on Risk Evaluation and Assessments for ANSPs.

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