Saudi Air Navigation Services (SANS)

Organisation Overview

SANS is the air navigation services provider and an independent company owned by the government of Saudi Arabia. It covers services for the entire Saudi airspace and provides the air traffic management, air navigation systems including the procurement, operations and maintenance of all air navigation systems kingdom wide, as well as the aeronautical information management.

SANS has been created as corporatized company on 1/7/2016, as a transformation of the air navigation services sector of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

SANS Vision: To become a regional ANSP leader by providing world class services

SANS Mission: To provide safe, reliable and cost-efficient services through investing in people, technology and strategic partnership

No. of Towers operated: 16
No. of ACCs: 2
No. of Apps: 8
No. of Employees: 1828
Total No. of ATCOs: 890
Total No. of operational ATCOs: 829

Membership type: Full Member
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Ryyan Tarabzoni
Head office:

7807  Bani Malik street, An Naseem District, Jeddah 23234-7807 Saudi Arabia

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone number: +966 12 671 7717
Fax number: +966 12 671 9041
Website :

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